Exploring the Informational Needs for Vasculitis Patients and their Carers - Research Study

Vasculitis specialists Dr Richard Watts, from Ipswich Hospital and Dr Janice Mooney and research assistant Karly Graham, from the University of East Anglia are exploring the informational needs of people who have vasculitis and people who care for them. If you would like take part in this research study please follow this link. If you receive the hard copy newsletter , which is due out early next week, there will be a hard copy survey. Please do not complete both!! Thank you Susan 😊


8 Replies

  • Done.

  • Done

  • This research paper does not list my Vasculitis,and will not allow completion of the questionnaire until all questions are answered, as there is no option to add my Vasculitis I cannot take part.

  • Is there an option to say "other" and you write they type of vasculitis in the box provided

  • There is not a "other " option it is only listed as " do not know ".

  • I will give feedback

  • Survey does not specify my type of Vasculitis so I cannot submit my results, same problem as jack russel. Also I replied 'No' to having a carer but survey say questions on what carers do for me are flagged as having to be answered.

  • Will pass your feed back on

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