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I'm a third year Bsc Psychology student at York St John University and am investigating the psychological impact of Vasculitis as my dissertation project. I was diagnosed with Wegener's Granulomatosis in 2007 so have personal insight into this project.

More specifically I am investigating whether levels of anxiety, depression and life satisfaction can be predicted by positive thoughts about the way we think and feel. By this it is meant being positive about your ability to process thoughts and emotions successfully.

I have designed a questionnaire to measure these things in people with Vasculitis and would be very grateful to anyone who would be interested in filling it in. I'm aware that as a rare species we're often getting asked to fill out questionnaires or participate in studies, so I really would appreciate people giving their time to fill out mine.

I have asked John Mills for his permission to post this on here and will report my findings back to VUK, with potential of producing an article for the newsletter too.

The questionnaire can be accessed by following the link below and contains an initial page giving more details about the project so that you can make an informed decision about whether to participate.

Many Thanks,

Helen Mayor

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  • done: good luck!

  • Great questionnaire and easy to fill out. It would be interesting to see the outcome and may suggest it could be used in our magazine Vasculitis UK. All the Best.

  • Hi Helen. This sounds like an interesting study. Given that stress is considered a contributing factor to developing Vasculitis I'm sure that insight into the psychological impact of the disease will be useful.

  • This is very intresting and happy to help, good luck.

  • Thanks for all your encouraging comments and filling in the questionnaire. I really appreciate it.

  • Hi Helen, just filled your survey in, I dont know if this will affect your results but your questions that are used in mental health asessment are all high in my case because I am in the middle of PTSD episode and currently in counselling, I wanted to let you know so I didnt mess up your study, all my other questions are all not affected my the PTSD. I noted the PTSD in my medications box so that you can take it out if you need to.

  • Hi,

    Thanks very much for taking the time to fill it in. All responses are valuable but thank you for the extra info, this is also helpful.


  • Really good questions,thought provoking I never thought I thought some of those things!

    The more of us who fill it out could make a real differance in the near future once the findings are published looking forward to it.

  • Couldn't sleep so have just filled it in - it was very straightforward. Thank you for trying to help people with vasculitis. Good luck with your studies

  • Thanks Katie,

    Hope it was boring enough to make you sleepy!

  • Done :)

  • Thank you!

  • Happily completed.

  • Thanks Martin.

  • I have filled out the questionnaire, very interesting study would be curious to know how you get on with it... I would say on a personal level I feel that my WG has affected me more mentally in terms of confidence stress and anxiety.

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