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Research Project Update

Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone who has completed the fatigue survey for my Msc Health Psychology Research Project in the last few days. I'm very grateful for your time.

If anyone else would like to fill it in it can be found at the link below. It would be especially good if any males had time to complete it, as the majority of the respondents have been females so far (thank you ladies!).


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Can you contact me directly? My email is David.Newman@londonvsg.org.uk

I have filled in the survey but in my case initial fatigue was overcome by other means which may be of interest to you.



I have emailed you at the above address but have not had a reply which makes me wonder whether I got the address right. My email address is a6002726@my.shu.ac.uk, just in case you still wish to discuss the survey further and have not received my email.


You're more than welcome. I feel it is important to take part in any research that might further knowledge and understanding of various health problems.


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