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Update on the prescription thing

I had a good chat with my new pharmacist and she explained how it works.

The cheapest are always issued but if you require a different one e.g. coated, you get your GP to state it on prescription.

If however you require the same make they can state the make on the prescription as well.

Only the GP can do this.

The different pharmacies may use different wholesalers so they would have to buy them in if it was a make they didn't normally have.

So it is up to us to make it clear to the GP's which we prefer.

I am a happy bunny now.

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Thank you for this info. however I wanted to stay on my "coated" tablets which I had been taking for years, but was informed by my GP " that they were too expensive", so I had to have the cheaper ones. This was over a year ago.


I had to ask my GP to continue to prescribe the enteric coated prednisolone recently. After 10 years on these, and getting on with them much better than the uncoated ones, I didn't see why I had to accept something I felt was less palatable and more likely to cause further medical problems. He agreed, even though he confirmed the higer cost. Apparantly, I am the only patient in his practice to have these now. I am not too happy with the idea of letting cost dictate which drugs we take.



Hi Ayla

I am not happy with the idea re costs either. Just happy to get it sorted.I cannot see how it will be cost effective it causes more problems or you have to take another pill to counteract the effects. It is not like we have a choice whether we take the drugs or not.



i toatly agree why is it that it always come down to money the patient should come first that's it I have had my moan for the day lol


I was recently advised ( by hospital Dermatologist ) to take 3 citerizine daily ( usual is 1 daily ) I expected this to be queried by my GP so asked for written confirmation, which I was given. On my next repeat prescription I didn,t get even my 1 daily, prescribed ,as the Dr queried the dose ( thats even with the written consent form I had handed in ) and apparently the Dermatologist had also written to my GP. when I contacted my Dermatologist she gave me a prescription and said it,s totally down to money and she was annoyed as ceterizine is only pennies on prescription. I now get 3 daily after my Dermatologist again contacted my GP.My Rheumatologist also confirmed it was down to money,He felt as I did what a waste of time and money wasted on an issue that has been confirmed by the hospital and not even an expensive live threatining drug.I find at my GP surgery anything that brings in money ie:blood test, MOTs and the like he,s all for, anything else you can expect a " problem ".


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