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Vasculitis and sciatica

After a few falls due to CSS vasculitis in my feet, I now have chronic sciatica, wonderful! Anyone had the same, any recommendations - doing the excercises like mad, but it is oh so debilitating along with everything else. I had an injection in my hip as that was showing arthritis and that seemed effective but no luck with the sciatic nerve.

Thank you, Sandra

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I had something similar after a fall and it was diagnosed as myofascial pain syndrome - you develop hard knots of muscle fibres, in this case in the muscles in the low back which pinch the sciatic nerve. Mine has been dealt with using cortisone injections into the trigger points and mobilisation of those points by a physio and/or sports massage therapist.


Thanks, I'll look into that! S


I sometimes get sciatica , and I find for me a sports physio is the best option, not a physio but a SPORTS physio and there is a difference, one will give you excersizes to do and you will then have to do them on your own at home, a sports physio does the massage for you,and it is far better than you can do yourself, it may take 2/3 visits but I always feel it,s better to do something rather than find you can hardly move and that in turn makes the condition worse,Of course as always ,we are all different with possibly different reasons why we get these things , however, with straight forward sciatica my first option would be the sports physio,and maybe a couple of paracetamol, Best wishes, and I hope you can quickly get some relief.


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