Blood pressure and vasculitis

I know that the disease can cause high blood pressure but can this also be the case when the disease is in drug induced remission? My consultant tells me it is now “raised” (typically 129/87). Before becoming ill I wasn’t aware I had raised blood pressure, although it’s not something you tend to be aware of until someone tells you it is high. Although I’m middle aged I’m not a classic case for high blood pressure (not in the family, not overweight, able to exercise fairly frequently, not too much salt in diet etc.). I didn’t ask my consultant why it was raised. The drugs I’m on don’t seem to have that side effect, so I’m wondering whether it’s the vasculitis (I have MPA). Looks like more pills are going to be added to my pill box.

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  • Hi Chris, I have raised blood pressure and I'm in drug induced remission. I had raised BP when first diagnosed then all was OK for a few years and I stopped taking the BP meds. Then last year it rocketed again, so back on the tablets. If the one you are given doesn't suit (eg ankle swelling) don't put up with it, there are plenty more for you to try. Be careful of over-the-counter remedies for colds and flu, they don't always mix well. Good luck.


  • Hi Pat

    Many thanks for the advice. The letter to my GP recomends starting me on either ACE inhibitor or calcium channel blocker.

  • I have CSS and my BP is very low, typically 85/45 ish. I'd LOVE my BP to be higher! If, for any reason, it does go up slightly I feel great. Believe me low BP is no fun either. :-(

  • John has GPA (WG) and has suffered high blood pressure since 2007 when he was diagnosed with a DVT...this was caused by the WG but we we did not know this until after the diagnosis of the DVT that WG could cause this...which was quite a shock... John takes Ramipril for his blood pressure now... he was taking another drug from 2007 until 2009 but he suffered a very heavy leg and swollen legs... (as Pat says there are different ones) but after changing to Ramipril the improvement was excellent... his legs and ankles became less swollen and heavy ... not all blood pressure medication suits everyone and can suit people talk this over with your consultant..... John has been in drug induced remission since 2006....

  • Hi Chris

    My blood pressure was always on the slightly low side prior to GPA (WG) and now I am on Ramipril 5mg blood pressure tablet daily. Like John I was on another, which I can't remember the name of unfortunately, but when my ankles became so swollen and extremely painful it was stopped and my ankles returned to normal.

    It'll be nice when the pill box becomes a lot less won't it.

    Take care

  • Many thanks to everyone for your responses. There does not seem to be any link between high blood pressure and vasculitis but like John I have suffered from a DVT. It was early in my treatment (calf muscle) but fortunately there has been no lasting effects. I note that Ramipril is an ACE inhibitor so that looks like what I may be started on. At least I know if this doesn’t suit me there are other alternatives.


  • Hi Chris, I was diagnosed with WG in 2009, prior to this I was very fit and healthy with normal blood pressure. Towards the end of my Cyclophosphamide treatment I developed a DVT in my left leg, both veins, ankle to groin and after many months of regaining my fitness I eventually had to start on blood pressure tablets. I've tried coming off them but my blood pressure instantly rises again even though I exercise for at least an hour every day! I can only put the high blood pressure down to WG.

  • Hi Johnyenglish

    I'm glad you mentioned that because it was my feeling that the high blood pressure was as a result of the vasculitis.


  • my blood pressure was fine ,until the wegeners diagnosis,i have damage to kidneys,and was put on various medications for blood pressure,which at least 3 had bad side effects

    im now on amolodipine,bisoprolol and candesartan,which im fine with and my bp is down to 125/65

    but as far as i am concerned ,my high bp was put down to vasculitis

  • Thanks Quinnster

    My kidneys are also damaged. They work OK in maintaining a good creatinine level but I still get traces of blood and protein in my urine. I feel sure my BP was fine until the vasculitis.

  • exactly the same here chris,i have constant blood in my urine,my egfr was 16 now up to 50,hows yours? and yes it is linked to blood pressure

  • I've never been told what my eGFR is. My Creatinine level (which I believe is used to calculate eGFR is now in the region of 90 - 100). I've been told this is OK but I'm not sure how it translates to eGFR.

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