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Vasculitis and alcohol?

I've never been a big drinker and since I got diagnosed with wg I completely stopped.

Of course I know that you drink alcohol in moderation while on these strong medication, but I just didn't think it affects the body so extrem.

A few months ago I had one beer when I was out. Shortly afterwards I had bad indigestions and felt awful even the next day. First I thought it was because I ate something bad. Another time I had 1 cider and the same happend. It's like my body completely rejects alcohol.

Has anyone ever experienced the same thing?

Thank you.

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I think it might depend on which immuno-suppressant you are taking. I believe, but I'm not 100% sure, because I haven't taken it, that drinking alcohol is a No No with Methotrexate.

Maybe it's something in the cider or the beer giving you the indigestion whereas something like wine might not have the same effect. I don't know, just putting it forward for consideration.

I can only tolerate red wine. White wine and also g&t burn as they go down, which is a pity really because I love g&t. Still a nice red occasionally is better than nothing.



Thank you for your kind answer PatriciaAnn.

I'm om 2 gr of Mycophenolate and 8 mg of preds.

Maybe it has something to do with the acid in the cider. But after this bad experience I didn't want to touch alcohol anymore :-) even I love a few occasional drinks in the pub :-)


Hi Sarah,

I’m on a similar drug regime (5 mg pred and 2g Mycophenolate) I typically drink about twice per week but limit my intake to 3 units because I’m also on Warfarin. I don’t seem to suffer any ill effects with wine and beer but I haven’t tried cider. Having said that I do suffer occasional indigestion since being on Mycophenolate but I’ve not been able to identify the cause. It’s a shame not being able to drink at all. I think PatriciaAnn’s suggestion of trying alternatives is definitely worth a go.




I'm also on the same mix (3g Mycophenolate and 3mg Pred) and drink beer and wine occasionally with no problems.

Like Chris I do get indigestion sometimes but since I'm also on Aspirin I put it down to that combined with the Pred.

I take Ranitidine as a stomch protector though and that really seems to help. Might be worth mentioning it to your consultant.

All the best,



John can drink wine and beer with no problems... but John has no kidney involvement... John is taking Mycophenolate....as Patricia says Methotrexate is the definite no no with alcohol...John is also on Warfarin so drinking more on one day more than another is definetly frowned on...


I have CSS and take Methotrexate, so alcohol is not really allowed, though I'm told I can have the odd small glass of red wine. But I can't, because I have an extreme allergic reaction to it, causing sneezing, watering eyes, more severe congestion (which is pretty bad anyway) and a general feeling of being unwell. It has been suggested that sulphites might be causing this reaction and I think this is added to some ciders as well as wine. Might be worth trying organic wine with no additives if such a thing exists. Good luck- we could all do with the occasional drink!


Sorry for my late reply!

Thank you very much for all your help and advice!

I think I might try a beer next time. I'm not a big fan of red wine :-)

I'm not really bothered about not drinking at all. But some of my friends are and feel sorry for me, not being able to get drunk anymore :-) specially in my age I guess (26)

But with all the medication, I feel like I don't want to stress my body even more, sounds a bit silly I know.

But like EbonyWillow said, we could all do with the occasional drink :-)


I don't think you sound silly at all, after going through treatments etc. l think we come to appreciate good health even more. Not wanting to put your body under more stress is a really positive way to think well done. Enjoy a glass or two when you want to, I love a glass of red. :)


I drink Baccardi and Diet Coke with seemingly no ill effects...worth a try !!


Forgot to add I`m on 2000mg mycophenelate Mofeteil (cellcept)calcichew and esomaprazole 40mg


Hi ehughes, I'm on 30 mg lansoprazole for my stomach. Thanks for the tip!

But I'm so fussy with alcohol, don't like Bacardi :-)

I might try a beer this weekend :-)


Hi there I am on omaprazole while on prednisolone which I find I can have two small glasses without any problems before with my other tablets than I am on for my lupus I was on ranitidine ,but the doc changed it when I went on the steroids So I don't know if it is stronger or just works better with steroids Hope this helps maybe you could ask your doc about it . Take care


Hello again!

Ok I really think I give up on alcohol. Had a beer last weekend and it didn't go down well.

Anyway, I will ask my consultant in 2 weeks about it.

Thanks to anyone for your help and advice!! Xxx


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