DVT.s and Vasculitis


I would like to ask if there is possibly a link or a clue that there is Vasculitis present when you have a DVT. I went to the surgery about my leg, I had a bad varicous vein there and I had been having lots of problems before that with my ongoing symptons regarding possible vasculitis anyway. The leg was showing classic symptons of a DVT red, swollen throbbing and I had bad pain and weakness and loss of sensation. GP did a thrombosis test and it came back negative. No further action. I was so worried I went to A and E, they too did the same test, no scan and tried to reassure me there was not a problem.

A few days later I had my bowel perforation and now cannot help thinking if they had treated the DVT seriously in the first place (I think they had me down as a anxious women and menopausal and being a complete nuisance I was a frequent visitor to my surgery and A and E as I knew something bad was going on- but could not prove it.) The outcome may have been different I am just so angry about the way I was dismissed and the fact that Vasculitis was suspected due to the Anca MPO autoantibodies and the DVT not taken seriously.

Has anyone experienced DVTs as a sign of a vasculitis problem?

Many thanks

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  • Do you think you may have phlebitis?

  • I eventually had a scan when admitted for emergency surgery for perforated bowel and they found the DVT. It was treated accordingly with heparin,

  • Hi,

    DVT's can be fairly common in many Vasculitis variants as there is an association between coagulation and inflamation.

    The problem is that DVT's themselves are fairly common but Vasculitis is one of the rarer causes of them. A DVT in itself isn't a diagnostic criteria for Vasculitis.

  • No I don't suppose it is. Sorry if I implied that was the case. I had been immobile before the perforation due to how severely the symptons were affecting me.. Thank you for clearing the matter up.

  • No, you didn't imply that.

    I took 4 yrs to get diagnosed and had multiple second opinions all over the UK. I can only imagine how you are feeling just now but recognise the need for answers and the frustration when they aren't forthcoming and Dr's wipe their hands of you.

  • Thank you Keyes, I feel like giving up to be honest. I have tried so hard to sort this out but not getting anywhere. Nobody listening to me. I think its all got the better of me. Not feeling very positive anymore. It certainly took you a long time- yes I have been all over too.

  • Keep her going. I too took years to diagnose and I didn't have a dvt. I had superficial thrombosis or phlebotomy. Or one doc said bug bites lmao. Don't give up just take care of you. Eat well sleep well and be happy. I know it's easier said then done. But time will tell. And keep being persistent. I know if it wasn't for my gf then I would've gave up. You need support. Just look on the brighter side and keep on keeping on. I got faith in you.

  • Thank you greg31 - time did tell previously and nearly died- made no difference- I ring the helpline for support- message gets as far as Consultant and nfa.

    I get what you are saying.

    Your words mean a lot,

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