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Advice on non blanching rash with isolated prolonged APTT ^61


I am looking to find out some info if anyone can help. My god daughter who is a toddler was not too well yesterday and A&E first said could be hand, foot and mouth then HSP (henoch-schonlein purpura). After quite a long time they said my friends could go home and they didn't know what had caused the rash but they would be called back to see a haematologist this week as a problem with clotting had shown up in the blood tests. The discharge notes said non blanching rash, isolated prolonged APTT ^61. I think this means it took 61 seconds for the blood to form a clot and think normal time is 30-50 seconds. This is second time in a 12 month period she has been to A&E with a non blanching rash that couldn't be diagnosed. If anyone has any experience I would appreciate any info.

Many thanks in advance.

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Dear annie330,

Off hand no I can't say I can offer much, or any advice, fat lot of good I am! However if, as you say, your God-daughter, is being seen/monitored by the hospital just perhaps they might 'pick-up' on any developing problems? Maybe also a caring, but not too pushy, God-mother might be able to help this process along? Maybe, just maybe???? Must well be worth a 'careful' try surely.

Best of luck AndrewT

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