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Hi, I am looking for a little help regarding a rare form of vasculitis that a friend has (not sure of type sorry). Need some advice/answers?

He is 37 and has been receiving chemotherapy for his condition but recently been told that treatment is not working and that he is basically dying. I am sure that more can be done but we are just told that not enough is know about it and only oral medication is being considered. He has blood and protein in his urine and kidneys are leaking. He cant have operations or dialysis because his immune system is non existant and not strong enough to undergo surgery. Has anybody got any advice or been in a similar position? He has a wife and young family we are very concerned about. Please help?? Thank you!

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Please list all the symptoms and timescales and medications aetcso that we can have a clearer picture of his condition. Thank you ..


I don't know where you are, but on this site people speak highly of the unit at Addenbrookes hospital, Cambridge. Maybe an approach for another opinion might help.


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