Cyclophosphamide and avoiding public places


I'll try my best to explain this in English.

I'm currently taking Cyclophosphamide and my white blood cells are around 6 (normal value is from 4.0 to 10.0). It's very sunny and I was wondering is it OK for me to go out in public? Is it still dangerous to use public transportation or to go to other places where there is a lot of people?

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  • I was told to stay away from any sources of possible infection whilst on cyclo. Especially toddlers and school age children under 7 years old! Something to do with them catching more bugs than older people. Crowded places such as public transport and stuffy meetings could be risky, too. However, we still have to live as normal a life as possible so would recommend you steer clear of the obvious big risk areas, such as those mentioned above, and use ant bacterial gel on anything regularly touched by others in your home, office and some things in public places (supermarket trolley handles are notorious, apparently!) but, apart from that, avoid becoming paranoid! Just a matter of using your common sense, I reckon!

    I hope this helps and that you are soon free of the cyclophosphamide altogether!


  • It does help, thank you. :)

  • As Ayla implies, we have to live our lives as best we can but being a little sensible of things. Tell your friend to keep away if they have a cold or infection. Don't be going to the theatre or cinema, crowded pubs aren't really sensible places, make sure you have good hand hygiene.

    Get off out into the park and enjoy the flowers and the birds if you are able to walk. Go to the coast and take in some sea air. However, do not sunbathe and make sure that if you are out and about you wear the highest sun protection you can find or keep covered up. Once off the cyclo and onto a maintenance drug things won't be so bad.

    Hope that helps a little.


  • Thank you. :)

  • Hi I have had 2 infusion got to have a total of 6. Was told by my doctor that I can go back to work when I feel ready and i work in a school. And it am laying in the sun as we have to do something to make us feel better. And I am allowed to travel to turkey in the summer

  • Jen, lying in the sun really isn't the best thing to do if you are on cyclophosphamide. Also it isn't really the best thing to do if you are on any of the immuno-suppressants.

    It is entirely up to you, of course, but high summer in Turkey - highest factor sun screen, a hat and cotton clothes to protect your "vunerable area". Having said that, have a lovely holiday.


  • Hi returned to work whilst on cyclo in a 7 storey office with air conditioning lots of people had various ailments coughs and sneezes but I was okay. Just have to do what you feel comfortable doing and try to get on as normal.

  • I have WG I had cyclo on a fri and returned to work on a mon in a supermarket, I felt I had to carry on as normal, I am on prednisolone and anzathroprine and have been on holiday, used a factor 20 suncream which was sufficient for me.

  • Like Kimmw, I have WG and was on cyclo whilst working, to make matters worse I am a taxi driver and some of the treatment was over the winter (so there I was in a nice enclosed box with my customers only a few feet away)! I did get an air sanitizer for the car and used an anti-bacterial hand wash after handling money and especially just before I ate my sandwiches. I had less colds/flu than before I was diagnosed with WG.


  • Thanks for the info. Nobody told me any of this.

    I just couldn't stay cooped in the house I was going insane...n so forced my friends to take me out....whilst on the cyclophosomide. Im off it Now in substitute of methotrate.

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