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I give up

over last two weeks seen renal and rheumotologist and both have said dont think my sypmtons are due to the vasculitis any more.grrrr so im still feeling tired knee swollen and very painful ,hips hurt when i lay down. So DRS tell me have some physio and take some amytriptaline i dont need physio or more meds that make me even more tired just want to scream!!!

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When in doubt, ask your doctor to give you a biopsy of the kidney, plus some blood tests including ANCA

Good Luck


Hi Tracy, have you sat down and gone through all your test results with your Drs.

What are your inflammatory markers doing, ESR and CRP, also your U&Es which would look at your renal function, even a dip stick urinalysis if contains protein and blood will all add to the jigsaw. ANCA may be indicated. The problem with various forms of vasculitis is that it can have a very varied and winding road before it appears in true form. Are you on prednisilone or any anti inflammatory meds. What pain relief have they given you. It's a difficult time for you at the moment as it must feel like you've stepped backwards. Do you have a good relationship with your GP, hope you get some answers soon as there is this feel of being in the wilderness when you know something is wrong, but what. All the best Pam


what is the situation if one is in remission..but are still taking mycofenolate mofeteil.....and maybe the body doesnt need it,in other words the probelm has resolved itself (or is this wishfull thinking !)my Gp told be the condition can "burn itself out"I am aching so much ,this is what is making me think that I am taking medication and dont need it...I was diagnosed in Marcg 2011


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