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Neck Symptoms

Hi I was diagnosed with under active thyroid 5 years ago suffer with all the usual symptoms, high cholesterol,feeling tired,brain fog,etc just recently I have developed joint pain mainly in my elbows and back and I have a tightness in my neck(does anyone else get this symptom)?? although I am on 100mg levo it has never reduced my symptoms and have battled with my GP who says my blood tests are fine(as usual) I feel my body is not absorbing the medication and am waiting to see Endo but wood like some feedback as to whether anyone else suffers with the neck tightness or tingling....Many Thanks Tress

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Hi, I had a total thyroidectomy over a year ago, have been fine, but just recently I have been getting back of the neck pain/stiffness. I too am on 100 Levo and I told my GP exactly the same that I don't think I am absorbing it. His reply was yes you are cause your ranges on the blood work are fine! Sometimes you could just scream. Hope you start to feel better soon.


Hi Orangelady thankyou for the reply...The GPs seem to think that cause thyroxine levels show normal in blood it is ok but I explained to my GP that this doesnt mean my body is absorbing it,so he has referred me to Endo


If you get the results of your latest thyroid gland blood tests and post on a new question complete with the ranges someone will comment upon them. It sounds to me as if you are undertreated (I am not medically qualified) and if you were on optimum meds for you your symptoms should have diminished if not gone altogether.

Also make sure you have a Vit B12, Vit D blood test as well as ferritin, folate and iron. The first two are usually deficient in hypo sufferers and can cause problems.

P.S if you reply to a member, press the blue reply to this otherwise they will not be emailed and you may wonder if you expected a reply by return.


Thankyou Shaws, very helpful, my GP says that my levels are ok but I am going to Endo so I shall ask for these tests and results


Hi make sure you have tSH, T4 and Free T3 tested, see them yourself, print out, and then combined with how you feel should get the treatment.You also need an ultra sound of the neck,if it is causing problems. Also,of course, the other surrounding tests, that may be Shaws says.

Best wishes,



I used to have the neck and elbow pain until I got up to 125mcg and TSH of 0.05 then the symptoms disappeared. You may need to up your dose. Tell your GP that he needs to goby how you feel not the TSH result only.hope you feel better soon.


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