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Neck pressure

So sorry if I am going over old ground here but does anyone have this strange neck pressure. I can only liken it to something round my neck, scarf or something that is being pulled tight. It is not there all the time, but when it is I find myself constantly stroking my neck to relieve this sensation , which is really not nice. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism about a year and a half ago and I am on 50mcg. The Gp has done one lot of blood tests since diagnosis. I had to phone him, I do not go to the Surgery as developed Agoraphobia when I lost my Husband, and he said he will do more tests in 2 months time. Just wondered if anyone else gets this and if so, did they find out what it was? Many Thanks x

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I only felt tight around the neck when I had a goitre when hyper thyroid , is the front of your neck got swelling look with neck steched , I could only describe that I looked like a tortoise at the time with the bump at bottom of neck. I think you can get a goitre with any thyroid , but not 100% sure on that but someone will answer soon x


Thankyou Pascha x

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I did and the doctor put it down to anxiety and put me on sedatives for 3 weeks. I had an arguement with a friend that made me dreadfully low, (things are fine with my friend now) but also our elderly cat is on the brink of death and very ill. Both my husband and I are desperately trying to help him but I think we are fighting a close to losing battle.

When this tight feeling first occurred I mentioned it to my friend who is hypo too and she said she gets it sometimes as well. I can feel it today actually.


Possibility it is a goitre which can either grow outwards, causing a tissue mass around the neck. Or it can grow inwards, as mine did, causing difficulties in breathing, forcing you to take 2 breaths to say a simple sentence, a bit like John Wayne. You may develop fatigue, which means when you exert yourself by walking or whatever, it takes you not just a few minutes but rather a couple of days to recover. If you ever watched films of athletes from yesteryear completing the marathon and nearing the finish line, their legs turn to jelly - well that's fatigue.

You need to be aware that shallow breathing causes pneumonia so make sure you exercise your lungs as often as you can.

There is a hospital procedure to calculate how serious this situation is. They put a camera down your throat, which does not now need general anaesthetic.

Discuss these things with your GP.


Hi cassie51

yes I get the same thing, I have had it on and off for over two months now.

My Doctor said it was either anxiety or acid reflux, but I do not think it is either.

I have had acid reflux before and this is a different feeling. Also the feeling comes on when I am sat relaxing so I do not think it is anxiety.

I asked doctor if it could be to do with my thyroid and she said if it was it would be there all the time.

I read on the forum quite a few people have the same feeling so I do think it maybe thyroid related.

Hope you feel better soon.


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