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Hot neck

Does anyone get a hot cheeks,neck,sometimes itchy? Ive been fine since December on ndt and held at 2 grains.I had a wobble last week ,palps and an uneasy feeling and cut down for a few days,as I think I have adrenal issues.On and off for last few weeks I've been having an uncomfortable feeling in my neck and it's been very warm and sometimes itchy.I am worried about it and I think worrying is making all my symptoms worse.I didn't take anything yesterday and at 7pm this evening I had half a grain now my neck has become hot again.Help😩

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I have had a raging hot neck and chest. I have since put it down to the after affects of a CT scan when the injected iodine. Did you have a Scan?


Hi no Ive not.


I would rule out an allergy to the fillers in your NDT. It's easy to do. Take an antihistamine one hour before your NDT and if the reaction stops then you need to find something with different fillers.


Do you think it's a allergic thing ? It's a bit odd seeing that I get it now after 3months on it.



Well it's an easy thing to rule out and allergies can start up at any time. Even things you have been doing for years can suddenly become a problem. Plus allergies in what is put in medication is a common problem and the fact that different brands can use different fillers is also an indication they are a common problem. It's more likely a possible as well as you are new to it and as the level increases in your body you have reached the trigger point. In a way it's a good thing if that is the problem as there are alternative meds so all in all it's a good easy thing to check and if you are ok on that score it is at least one thing checked and discarded.


I too get a very hot and sweaty neck. Im on 150mg thyroxine


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