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hi all, love this forum, it has helped me so much. Does anyone else have neck redness? For several years some of my neck has skin has been gradually getting redder. It starts halfway down my neck and goes down to my chest. Looks like sunburn but it is not. It is very noticeable and I think thyroid related. I had Graves disease with sub total thyroidectomy 30 years ago. Been battling ever since with underactive and imbalance. Does anyone know if I can lighten the colour? I can use green makeup but that is not perfect because I sweat so much. Maybe laser. People notice and it is embarassing. Does anyone else have this? thankyou

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Hi...yes this is something I have been getting since I had rai last February. It tends to come and go but at its worst it is very red...apart from a circle where my thyroid is which I guess must be because of the radiation treatment.its not been so bad during the cold weather when I can cover it up with a scarf when I go out but I am dreading the summer cos it is very glad you posted on here's good to know we're not alone with all these annoying side effects of thyroid illness


I have red and brownish colour on my neck , I look like a weathered man! when I mentioned this to my GP once he said , you will have to stop working on the roads! not funny!


Hello Suemagoo2,

I'm Hyperthyroid/(Graves) and I have that neck redness that is still spreading. It started at least 15 years ago, and although went to the docs when it first started, no one could explain it.

I thought it was sun damage, but eventually came to the conclusion that it was thyroid related when I was diagnosed two years ago.

It's never really bothered me, but I can understand that it would for others.

I had 2 moles cryogenically removed probably 7 years ago, and that restored the pigment colour, but it's a drastic move to have the whole lot done.

Hope this is of some help/ comfort to you.

Arab. 😉


As mistycat says, I also have a clear circle under my chin which I always thought was the bit 'out of the sun'! Peculiar.

I haven't had RAI. Strange eh?

When I was in hospital after thyroid storm, the doctor thought it might be vitiligo, but I thought that vitiligo took pigment colour out not added it!!

Hey ho! Whaddevva! Lol!

Arab. 😄


Yes, I get it in the evenings. People have said to me in the past 'You've caught the sun!' when I've been indoors all day!


I have a red neck with a small white spot further down from my skin. My GP said it was sun damage but it can't be as I am careful. It gets redder too when I am warm. I wear scarves a lot. Could this be thyroid? My mum had a thyroid problem.

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Hi Sue,

I have reddish skin on my face, which feels sunburned if I take too much NDT, or even the smallest amount of Thyro-Gold. Could it be too much meds or an alergic reaction for you, too?

Mac used to make a green tinted powder, That might be better for you than creams. I usually wear translucent, pale, or white loose face powder, when I bother, as I have very oily skin.



You and I both have red neck syndrome. I also have painfully, inflamed, red palms and soles of my feet are both red, hot, some what swollen. I prefer comfort to cosmetic. Read online from LiverDocs that my symptoms are signs of liver damage, so it is very serious and I need to be under the care of a hepatologist (if medicaid will pay for one?). In the meantime, I will be starting to use a good quality liver tonic such as Livertone, and suppliment with escential mineral selenium, as well as diatary changes, such as low protein diet. At least now I know the cause (no longer clueless) and beleive there is hope in releiving symptoms albeit even slight releif will be welcome. Let me know if you are willing to go to these lengths for healing versus covering up a serious health problem. Don't you think your body is trying to tell you something isn't right?Please let us know how you are dealing with red neck syndrome.Take car and God bless. Grace


Hi all,

It sounds as if there are different types of 'red neck'. Mine is definitely permanent and never goes away. I've notices the leading edge of the 'condition' gets worse if I'm symptomatic, or if I've eaten something that aggravates my hyperthyroid state ( I'm currently feeling well). It's something I've come to accept and hasn't bothered me.

It's reassuring for me to know though that others have experienced the same thing - even if it's an unwelcome side effect of a thyroid condition.

Arab. 🙂


Yes I have had this for about 6 years, it is around the sides of my neck, and a v on my chest


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