Hello all,

Does anyone have issues with their neck?. My neck is getting worse by the week, if I turn too quickly the pain is horrid, it is very sharp and it feels as though I have been punched and see stars, then I have to lift my head very high to get it out of the position as it gets stuck. Driving is a pain in the neck ( literately) it hurts to turn a lot getting out of junctions and on the computer is also very uncomfortable.

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I had bad pain in my neck for 12 month's still not better now and again it locks and I can't turn it you have to exercise every day

A good chiropractor should be able to help relatively quickly if it's unbearable. It might be the way you're sitting at the desk in the same position every day - try raising your screen and moving it about from one end to another to help prevent it. Maybe try some anti-inflammatory pain killers to help for now?

I do know the exercises but wouldn't be able to begin to describe them on here lol! Maybe try and google it but might be best being shown from a pro.

Obviously, if you have any swellings or lumps, then see your GP.

I don't work I'm 73 with osteoporosis I've had phisio and pain killer's better than it was

apologies, I had just assumed as you mentioned being on the computer :-D

I am on the computer 😀,I think we are in a muddle with comments !

Just had envisioned you sitting at a desk all day in one position lol. Have you had all your vits checked - B12, Vit d, folate and iron (ferritin)? :-)

I am 5 hours a day!. Yes I am going though loading doses of B12 as I have PA as well as Hypothyroidism , my Folate and Ferritin are low and I am on Iron tablets, I was just hoping that this neck issue was another symptom of being Hypo and will go as soon as I am optimal.

Ooops just realised two people were answering there lol! :-D

Yes when I was first diagnosed and put onto Levo I had horrendous neck pain. I am sure it was related to my thyroid issues but doctors dismissed it. Eventually settled down and have been fine since but remember the agony and wondering if it would ever stop hurting. Hope you feel better soon.

Thank you.

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