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Can you interpret results please? What other tests should I ask for?


21/1/13----serum free T4= 10.3 Tsh=9.4 [range 0.35-5.50]

GP said I was Hypothyroid and started on 25 levo I went back after 2 weeks I felt awful [see previous post]GP took me off it and arranged for another lot of blood tests I have only put results of what I think are relevant.


Thyroid peroxidase antibody=57klU/L [<35] high

serum C reactive protein=5 ug/ml [<5]

blood sodium=147mmo/l high

lymphocyte count =3.5 high

percentage lymphocytes=43% high

serum creatinine=78 umol/L

GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD=64 mL/min eGFR corresponds to stage 2 -mild impairment if there is other evidence of chronic kidney damage.

still waiting for thyroglobulin autoantibodies.

I am trying to get an appointment on Monday.what should I discuss with him and should I ask for T3 B12 Iron? anything else I should ask. Any help much appreciated


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Hi First GFR brilliant, measure kidney function with U`s and E`s but GFR the most important one. Needs to be below 60 for even mild renal impairment. It does not have ranges ,as such.You desperately need free T3 test, with ranges. It helps all the symptoms a, especially weight and lowers the TSH even on a small dose. It must be split12 hours apart. Test first, essential.Usually starting treatment , it should be slowly and increased after 6 weekly bloods ( TSH, T4 and Free T3) until stable.If on the correct dose for T4 ( levo) it may be that you do not need T3, but usually est, all depends on blood tests. FT3 needs to be high in range.You will need vit D ( hormonal) ,if needs treatment corrected calcium first, very important as must always be in range.B12 and Foliates, autoimmune, Iron?ferritin and important diabetes, Hb 1 Ac is best but GP may just do Glucose.Initially as autoimmune and hormonal very similar symptoms to thyroid disease.If you have one autoimmune disease ( most thyroid disease ,not all) then it is likely you will get more, dozens of them!

I hope this helps. Jackie

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jjlily in reply to Jackie

Hi Jackie, thanks for reply.I have just spoken to the surgery and they said I would be getting an appointment in the post--that will probably be in 3 weeks!-so I will have to phone at 8a.m. Monday for same day appointment it takes ages to get through. I cant go on much longer without treatment. If you have antibodies is it always hashimotos?

Thanks again Jill

Jackie in reply to jjlily

Hi Jill,, First ,good idea to get an early appointment. getting the thyroid right is a slow process, usually a year or so!

When I was diagnosed with thyroid disease, I do not think there were any blood tests, usually doctor decided on looks etc or not. Could be good, did not work for me. Good doctors and endo`s ( rare) decide by both There was not even a distinction about autoimmune , of course..As I have so many autoimmune diseases, at least 12, we have known mine is Autoimmune, Hashimoto without anti body tests, as by then not needed. Treatment the same any way .As far as I am aware autoimmune does not always show in antibody tests, often they develop in time. Also can be Hashimoto, more common , Hypo or Graves, not so common Hyper. Symptoms of Hypo and Hyper can be more or less the same. anyway, they go on the tSH,T4 and Free T3, regardless of what it is.Just different treatment for hyper or hypo, obviously If autoimmune, likely to develop enlarged thyroid and nodules, not normally immediately. If your voice or/and swallowing get bad, then you need an ultra sound. If nodules ( unlikely at the moment) then you need a biopsy, radiologist under ultra sound. Just in case. I can not have any biopsies as very ill, but that is normal, often usually benign.

If not happy with the GP, too early yet. Then ask to see an endo, but mixed ( as everything) , do not go by GP`s choice. Do your own careful research before asking for a referral has a list of endo`s in NHS recommended by TUK and the private list of , Endo`s .Mine might be the only private endo ( consultant) on her list.. It sounds as if your GP is cooperating/ If you cannot get FT3 done, some Nhs no longer do it, cost Then really vital for the correct, safe treatment.TUK sites on llne I use the main site or this, Blue Horizon. quote TUK10 for discount. I pay £61 for TSH, T4 and Ft3. Try NHS first.Blue H are checked by their Harley st. doc, anything very bad they tell you, Well known to docs as really the same Lab as all the private hospitals use, called TDL..

Good luck! Any thing else feel free to get back to me.


jjlily in reply to Jackie

Thanks for your input Jackie Dr said lab won;t do T3 and my bloods seem ok at the moment so don;t warrant testing for vitamins and minerals.All my results are on my question yesterday.I don't hold out much hope for an endo referal I have been waiting 9 months for patch testing for a possible latex type!V allergy.there are no patch testing facilities in my part of Wales.Do you get your blood drawn at doctors surgery and then post it to them

best wishes Jill

Jackie in reply to jjlily

Hi Jill

A lot of us have problems having Ft3 tested NHS now, it is the Labs ruling and costs.That is why so many of us use the on line Labs, as no referral etc needed, usually even a difficult Gp will accept that if placed in front of them, if you think results are such that you decide to show him. The other tests, well they should certainly be done by GP. See how you feel in a month or 2 ,if you do not feel right, can you see another GP n the practice.? Above all make sure you feel better, that is the most important thing.Wrong, but most of us have to fight for the correct treatment.

Best wishes,


jjlily in reply to Jackie

I always try and see the same Gp for continuity and he always seems to explain things.I will certainly go back if I don't feel better or much worse again. I have been given a different brand this time so I will see if that makes a difference! Unfortunately I cannot afford private tests.

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