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I'm 14 weeks postnatal. Just been diagnosed with an under active thyroid with tsh levels of.. Wait for it... 100!!!

My t4 levels were 4.4. Thyroid is swollen and I feel like utter crap, spend most days crying. I'm 26 and feel like my body is falling apart. The weight gain is disheartening especially when I hardly eat and spend time in the gym. Has anybody had it postpartum and eventually everything has returned to normal again? Nobody in my family has a history of thyroid problems. Also I keep thinking that when I have the ultrasound on my neck they might find cancer. I can't cope with how I'm feeling at the moment. I've started if on 50mg on the levothyroxine. When will this start to kick in?

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Hi. I can't really answer your questions but just wanted to say "hi" until one of the knowledgeable folk on this site come along.

I wouldn't worry yourself about cancer. Good that you are on levo. You are on the right path! There is lots of help and advice on this site so please ask for all the help you need.



Thanks for the reply. Suppose I'm just scared at the moment after reading horror stories on the Internet. I just pray my thyroid kick starts and starts working properly again. There's not much information on postnatal thyroid issues and doctors are a bit rubbish and don't see it as a serious issue.


I wasn't pregnant but my TSH levels were the same as yours. This is a link and if you go to the third question and the next couple it may give you an idea of what happens in pregnancy. Sometimes it can rectify itself.


How much levothyroxine was you started on if you don't mind me asking? I just think my tsh levels are quite severe when I've noticed the desirable level should be below 2! My doctor started me in 50mg, without seeing me as the test lab rang up once they had my results & told him to treat me. My actual appointment is tomorrow. I'm hoping for to be referred to a specialist as my hormones have been playing up and I'm still able to produce breast milk even though my baby has always been bottle fed. I believe prolactin hormones and thyroid issues all go hand in hand? Did you manage to control your tsh levels and bring up t4? Sorry for so many questions but I'm in the dark with it all and suppose I just want some positive feed back rather then the horror stories x


Mine started me on 25mcg but the Professor of Endocrinology said that's too low and said 50mcg should be the starting point. It is usually increased about every 4 to 6 weeks with blood tests until you reach a level where you feel well. The increase in levo will reduce your TSH gradually.

I am sure your specialist will be able to reassure you and give you confidence.

You have enough to cope with during pregnancy and a young baby without being hypo too.


I think I was putting down my fatigue to just having a baby and having 2 other toddlers to look after. Then I found this out. How do you control weight gain and did your thyroid swell up? Gosh, you just don't realise how much the thyroid controls really do you. My body is so out of wack right now x


One of the symptoms of hypo is weight gain but when you are on optimum meds it should come off as well as all the other symptoms improve,


There was a post yesterday from OUTOFSYNC that told of her journey from postpartum hypothyroidism to regaining her health and even going on to have another baby! You could refer back to it or just copy and paste this link that she provided: -

You will get better with the help if this site - keep yourself as informed as possible and any queries just post a question on here! :)

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Useful resource list I found






Thank you very much for this information. I went to the gp today and she knows its postpartum hypothyroidism because she said there's no way I would of conceived with the low levels that I have. It's also a relief to know that the doctor who is helping me recover also has an underactive thyroid so she knows what she's talking about. Unfortunately she was honest enough (which I'm grateful for) to say that she thinks its a life long condition I will have and not tempory. She did also say that I had the worst thyroid results that she has seen in a long time. All in all my main focus is to get myself better which includes a better diet for myself. I have no plans to have anymore children (3 is enough, the last one has taken it out of me it seems). Now is the time to concentrate on myself and my kids. If anybody has any tips on foods that may help me recover I will be grateful. Also read something interesting about not drinking tap water because of the flouride in it. Does anybody else boil water then let it cool on the fridge to drink during the day? I've cut tea and coffee out my diet and sweet drinks.


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