Just diagnosed with under active thyroid

Have been suffering with sore joints and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia drugs didn't do much. Then two weeks ago was told had under active thyroid and was put on 50 thyroxin's tablets . My skin feels like sandpaper,my nails are breaking, I have put on weight . This is so depressing. I don't want to get out of bed most days but will go to bed at seven o'clock but get up again at ten . Also had a stroke two years ago. Ten years ago Was diagnosed with breast cancer but am in remission so as you can imagine this last diagnosis is not what I need please help me to come back terms with this and let me know if it will get better thank you

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  • Hi, Welcome to the site.

    The positive side of this is that your Hypo has been found. Once on the correct doe for your thyroid, you will feel like a new person. Thyroid diseases creeps up on you, so you must have had a problem before you realised.Good that it was finally spotted. You often feel worse before you are better. The treatment should be increased slowly on blood results and how you feel.There are lots of useful tests. However, for now,ask for a print out, with ranges ( all labs vary) of your thyroid test. This is routine as your blood, either Receptionist, GP or hospital consultants secretary. Keep it always. You will need the TSH , T4 and Free T3 tests., and there are others. However for now, go along with what ever has been done, but bear in mind if later, say after next test ( which should be soon ) if you are not feeling a bit better, then you will need the full tests.You will feel good in time but it is slowly for safety, potent drugs. That is a low dose, it should most likely be a starting dose. Always have copies of all blood tests and ranges, not just thyroid.Post on here + ranges, if you like.

    Best wishes,


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  • Hi welcome to the site, read upon on the condition on thyroid uk's website it is a fountain of information, 2 weeks is a very short space of time so give the levothyroxine a chance the longer you have been walking around undiagnosed the longer it will take to get better im afraid but it does get better, the doctor should retest your blood after being on your starting dose of 50mcg and increase accordingly although he/she should also take your symptoms into account.

    like i said it does get better I'm really well on levothyroxine and probably back to normal but it did take about 2years although my thyroid has been struggling since childhood and i wasn't diagnosed until i was 28. You can lead a normal life with this illness

    Get yourself some coconut oil for your skin and for cooking it will do wonders to your skin, get a good multivit with b12, magnesium and iron in it but take it at least 4 hours after or before your thyroid meds.

    hope this helps and don't give up there are lots of people here that can help you and give support.


  • Hi so sorry to hear aboutt feeling so poorly and welcone to the site. I had been diagnosed with fybromyalgia for 16 years or so but my medication did not work and I was pulling my hair out. I was diagnosed with under active thyroid desease and I am now on 175 levothyroxine but still feel the same but my gp said my bloods were normal. I still feel terrible, tired, no energy, dry skin, breaking nails and headaches and many other things including bad joint pain. My gp is not doing anything.I also have had swelling in throat where my thyroid is but only on left side, and sonetimes have problems swallowing. My feet on the bottom feel painful like there badly bruised. So I am going to see my gp again and ask about T3. So ask your go also about T3. I hope you feel better soon, I know how your feeling and there is always someone hear to talk to.

  • i would ask for a cretine kinase test also, if this is high it can cause the aches and pains

  • hi, im the same, have fibro, osteo, raynauds, copd and a host of other ailments. have been feeling really bad, tired, bad pain that drugs dont help with etc etc etc. weight gain is really getting to me now, anxiety worse than ever, it seems , and i mentioned it to the doc that everything i mention regarding symptoms comes under the fibro umbrella :-(. he eventually had bloods done, first lot he says suggest under active thyroid and a couple of inflametary markers ?????? on the second test he said im still borderline under active and im on 50mg levothyroxide now , still dont feel any better , more bloods next week and hopefully an increase in meds. think im learning to live with the pains etc but the weight is really getting to me xx

  • Hi,

    I suffered with "fibro myalgia" for 17 years becoming disabled and unable to walk more than a few yards. I'd tried every med my doctor suggested. All had terrible side affects and none helped with constant aches, pain or mobility. I'd already been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and put on levothyroxin and liothyronine.

    My life changed 16 months ago when I read an article on the I/N stating that 80% of people diagnosed with fibro myalgia don't have it. I was one of the 80%. I'd never had fibro myalgia. I'd been suffering with a vitamin D deficiency. Not surprising since I've been a vegetarian for 35 years. I'd also been advised to not eat or severely limit eggs because of stomach problems due to fibro myalgia. This effectively cut off my only intake of vitamin D.

    My doctor agreed to my being tested for vitamin D and was very surprised that I had never been tested. I was found to be vitamin D deficient - my body can't store it.

    I've been on vitamin D tablets ever since. My life has begun all over again. I can walk miles and am free of muscle stiffness, tiredness and pain for the first time in almost 20 years.

    Don't think because you're suffering from hypothyroidism that there can't be something else wrong as well.

    I would advise everyone to have a vitamin D test.

  • i cant agree more, my mums health has deteriorated over the last twelve - 18 month, she has arthritis in her wrist , but had no quality of life, i made her go doctors for a full mot because things didnt seem right, and she is vit d deficient its suprising the effect this can have on a persons mind and physical state, she has been on the highest dose available for 4 weeks, doctor says it will take approx 3 month before she feels the benefits, hopefully this is true x

  • thank you everyone for their comments. It means a lot to know you are not a hypochondriac

    this pain, depression, and memory loss was driving me nuts so it a great help knowing that I'm not imagining all these symptoms and there is help out there. So thanks once againx


  • Hello gemini, it's lovely to have your input, it's so very encouraging! I felt just the same when I found Thyroid UK. I would totally agree with you.

    Just a one little point, when you use all capitals, it gives the impression of 'shouting' your comment, and it doesn't add to what you say - sounds a tiny thing. I know, but it does make a difference.

    Thanks for your lovely comment.

  • I,m so sorry , no intention to offend anyone,its just sometimes my vision is awful because of my dry eyes,tend to use capitals,please accept my apology,x

  • So sorry, too. I was not aware, please forgive me, I did not mean to be insensitive.

    Can you enlarge the print on the page to help you to see? I know that some websites have an option but there is also an option in your web browser, it varies depending on which browser you are using.

  • Poor you. Iodine deficiency is related to both breast cancer and thyroid since they both need either iodine or iodide. If I were affected, I would check for iodine deficiency. But if you have Hashimoto, they don't recommend taking iodine. Vitamin D deficiency matters both with pain and cancer. I think everyone should be tested now that new findings show this importance.

    I do hope you feel better, it does take a while. Make sure you get increases when needed.


  • Hello Grannyb 2003 (love the name).

    I was diagnosed in March this year, my thyroid completely destroyed and also have adrenal insufficiency, I am beginning to feel better and less anxious when I have a lot to do. So be kind to you and allow yourself to just be. Acceptance goes a long way toward giving you the ability to move forward, one day at a time.

  • hi I had also been suffering the same symptons as your self, was diagnosed end of december 2012, I have felt better ongoing but my aching and sore joints took till about six weeks ago to stop, although my thyroid levels were normal after 6 weeks of starting 75 lethyroxine a day it did take 5 months for my body to catch up, this is a great place to get support and much needed info good luck and hope you start to feel better very soon xx

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