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Recently diagnosed with under active thyroid


Hi there, just wondered if I could ask a few questions as I've been recently diagnosed and have a copy of my blood tests. My blood results were:

Serum t3 level - 3.4 (range 4.0 - 7.0)

Serum free t4 level - 11 (range 10 - 25)

Serum TSH level - 15.13 (range 0.55-4.78) this has come down from 23

Thyroid peroxidase antibody level - 582

IgA - 3.3 (range 0.8-2.8)

From these results does it seem like I have Hashimoto's from the antibody level or is that for something else? And what does the IgA stand for or mean? Sorry for the silly questions, the doctor didn't really explain any of this to me at the appt.

I've just been tested again to see if they need to increase the levothryoxine I'm taking as they started me off on the minimum dose.

I also had high LFC's (the alk phos and the GGT) and wondered if that could be to do with my thyroid?

Thank you for advance and sorry for the long winded post!

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Hi and welcome:) Someone more knowledgable will be along soon but on 1st look:

Your T3 is on the floor - this is the active hormone which regulates your metabolism and therefore your hypo symptoms. It needs to be in the upper quarter of the range.

Same with T4 - it needs to be in the upper third/quarter of the range. This is the "raw material" your body makes T3 from so you need a good amount of it.

Your TSH is waaaay too high, unsurprisingly. And yes, you do have Hashimoto's, which isn't heated but the resulting hypo is. It definitely looks like you need a levothyroxine increase (levo is the T4 hormone). Have you been tested for ferritin, vit D and vit b12? These are all very important for thyroid function.

*treated, not heated!

Thank you so much for your responses! I thought I had Hashimoto's from what I had seen on here, I had heard that there is such a thing as postpartum thyroiditis and was hoping I had that but I guess not.

I have been tested for vitamin D - it was 55. But doesn't seem I have been tested for the other two you mention, should I ask the doctor to test me?

Thank you again!

Your Vit D is too low and you should get tested for B12, folate, iron and ferritin levels. Blue Horizon via Thyroid Uk offer finger prick tests which are easy to do if your GP won't test. Also being positive for Hashi's it is strongly advised to adopt a gluten free diet (possibly even dairy free)

I have been hypo for 9 years and thanks to this site learned the importance of good vitamin levels. i developed TPO antibodies 4 years ago and going gluten and dairy free made a big difference to how i felt. I long ago gave up on NHS and getting the correct tests and being given the correct advice.

Do get print outs from your Gp for any bloods you have done. Good luck

Polly2501 in reply to crimple

Thank you! I will call the doctor and see if they will do the further tests. From the range printed next to the vit D it seems normal? But is it like the T3 etc where you really want to be in the top/bottom of the range? Do the antibodies I mention mean I definitely have Hashimoto's? Thank you again. I've got all the print outs of my bloods so far and will continue to get them after every bloods taken.

crimple in reply to Polly2501

Yes you deffo have Hashis with that level of antibodies! The docs say there is no treatment just carry on with levo!!! Your Vit D would be best around 100. Have a look at Vit D council website. They suggest dosage levels to get you up to a certain number. I think Marz or shaws the admins on here could help you with more info.

Vit B12, again docs don't understand you should be at top or over range (around 1000) it is a water soluble vit so you can't overdose. I can recommend Izabella Wentz book about Hashis, got it from amazon.

Please note I am not a medic, just a fellow sufferer, best wishes.

Polly2501 in reply to crimple

Thanks again for your reply. I had more bloods taken on Friday and the Drs have called me to ask me to go in to discuss them so I have an appt for tomorrow. I will try and get tested for the vitamin D etc and I'm hoping they will increase my dosage of levothryoxine too. Thank you for your help!

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