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E-gov Petition- Good to see the numbers steadily rising

Saw lots of cars were home this morning so good time to do my doorstep canvassing and also catch up with my neighbours

So have taken 8 copies of my flyers and Thyroid info with me and was greatly encouraged by how willing people were to sign.......the disturbing thing was yet another hypo case plus one due a scan!!! Everywhere I go there are more cases..

It makes it all so important that we get more people signing.

We have thousands of on-line members here who don't need a flyer or a knock on the door..... Just a minute to visit the petition and sign.....

Thyroid UK deserve our support ....

For every person who comes to this site and gets help ...this is a way to positively say thank you.

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thanks for your efforts Marfit - you only have to talk to folk to realise we're not alone -

rats & dagnabbit - I wasn't referring to aliens - they're more believable than us sometimes!


Jane, I hope alien endos know TSH isn't a guide to thyroid health and don't believe Levothyroxine fixes all broked thyroids.


No problem..............I think that the time has come to take this petition very seriously and do something about it.

If levothyroxine ever becomes the only option for all Thyroid patients,regardless of their symptoms and needs then we are going to be in serious trouble.

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good for you ' marfit' ...just think if WE all did a little bit , wherever we can to support the coarse ----how many others would not have to suffer the inhumain treatment that is currently being meted out to ALL OF US ------ no matter what each individual problem is .......well done for your efforts ....alan xxx


Thanks Alan are right and I know that you are certainly playing your part in being supportive,so well done for you too.

After all, this is about the future for sufferers of Thyroidism and I'm getting vibes that it could get a whole lot worse before it has a chance to get better,so it is very important that we all pull together and make ourselves heard x


hear hear to that ...... at least we can start to sleep well with some good karma ......alan xxx


WOW! Good for you! :) :) :) :)



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