Please take a look at 38 Degrees Thyroid Petition campaign!

Support the group we need more members to sign. Join on Face Book too.

Links for Petition/Group/Page/Twitter/Email/Paper Petition & Flyer

Our UK 38 Degrees Thyroid Petition campaign group

Shorter URL for group:


Admin edit for clarification:

UK Petition for Better Endocrinological Service and Treatment for thyroid/autoimmune patients (B.E.S.T.)

Campaign created by Diane Bamford

Thank you! :)

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For those stick-in-the-mud refuseniks who will not join (or simply have not joined) Facebook, you can find the petition on the 38-degree site:

Rod (a stick-in-the-mud refusenik)

(Grin) Thanks for that Rod :-D Looked & Signed

Puss (Another Refusenik)

What about people like me that refuse to join 38 degrees ?

Personally I feel that pressure groups like them do more harm than good and are out for personal gratification rather than to help the cause (s) they are supposedly championing. And actually care very little about the effect on people involved or the outcomes of their campaigns.

Just in case you would like to make a more informed decision about this, here is some information about the person - Diane Bamford - who started the campaign:

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion....


Thanks for adding that and yes absolutely right!


38 degrees are not the originators of this petition, they are simply providing the infrastructure to host it.

While that may be true, you still have to sell your soul to 38 degrees in order to sign the petition

:/ not sure about that, I just signed as I personally felt it was for a good cause. I'm sure with the above links people can make up their own minds - as we all do.

Hi, I hope that I have merely brought this to people's attention. As we all tend to carry out some level of research - even by just reading and replying to posts on this fab site - I'm sure that the same people will look at the links/info first before signing any petition.


Did this sometime ago Rod. But how would you have the time to upload all the useful information to this site if you went on Facebook anyway? You are much more useful to us here. I use FB to keep in touch with family in a small way. Janet.

Hi, yes I agree and use FB for the same reasons as yourself, but have signed the petition - a personal decision.

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