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Adrenal supports (zinc, Vitamin C, adaptogens) whilst on Hydrocortisone? Advice please?


Can I take and is it benefitial to the take natural adrenal support whilst on Hydrocortisone? The T3 only regime I'm on has made my poor adrenals pour out non stop adrenaline. I feel so ill. My Endo is now on holidays for a month so he doesn't want to change my regime. My tsh has gone down to 18 from 78 in 12 days. My T3 has gone up from 2.7 to 4.0 (2.6-6.0). Thanks. Apologies I am so brain fogged.

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Zinc and vitamin C would be fine, 15mg Zinc & 3x1000mg Vit C split over the day.

You might want to increase salt as well. A good adrenal cocktail is tomato or orange juice with added salt and cream of tartar. This has Vit C, sodium and potassium, which is great for adrenal support.

I wouldn’t take adaptogens with HC at the moment as they are unpredictable

Thanks very much Missimal. I shall do that.

Regarding salt - use rock or sea salt with a high mineral spectrum

Thanks Missimal. Greatly appreciated

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I just read up on Vit C, it says it lowers cortisol. I've not had a saliva test as I take valium and now also Hydrocortisone which effects the results. But going on what I've read. I think I have low cortisol and the adrenaline rushes are because of the adrenal glands struggling under low cortisol. So I would need to bring it up? I have enormous stress in my life and have done for 5 years (no much longer that's a conservative estimate!) I dunno, reading everyone's results, they are high and low at all different times! So confusing when you're brain fogged.

So it’s different for me as I have good levels of cortisol - I did the salvia test.

Maybe don’t take the 3000mg but just do the V8 juice as this is a nice mix of Vit c, sodium and potassium

Did they not test your cortisol before prescribing HC?

Missimal, NO he did not check my cortisol before prescribing! I am only meant to be on this for a month but I think it will be long term.

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I have the test sitting here. But I hesitated because of being addicted to valium. Then he gave me hydrocortisone and it was too late.

The fact that you take Valium could indicate high cortisol

Have you ever had cortisol tested in the past?

Yes that's why I took it to suppress the adrenaline stuff.

Hmmm ... not sure I would be happy with that

For all you know you could have high cortisol (which also blocks T3 uptake)

I was convinced I had low cortisol until I did the salvia test

Yes I know what you mean. I thought mine was doing well, but the T3 brought on the adrenaline rushes I think. I thought when I was trying to increase the T3, I was having over medication but now I think it was adrenaline rushes. I think I am low but how can I ever know? 2 weeks ago I would have said, I was doing well. Adrenals healed nicely but then of course I couldn't get to an optimal dose, so that's that theory blown!

It’s difficult to know without the baseline test ... I am surprised the doctor prescribed it without testing regardless of the Valium it would still have indicated whether HC was appropriate

Totally agree, NOW! Was too uninformed 13 days ago!

I would start on the adrenal cocktail which will support them regardless of high or low cortisol.

Okay so I'll get the low sodium V8 Juice as a starter. You're a doll.

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