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Can anyone recommend an endocrinologist open to prescribing liothyronine (T3), ideally in Yorkshire/ Manchester?

The endocrinologist at Leeds discharged me last year, having run all of the possible tests he could think of to find out why I still had hypo symptoms when my blood tests were all 'normal' (apart from TSH, stuck at 0.02 ever since my sub-total thyroidectomy - necessitated by Graves disease - more than 10 years ago). His diagnosis was that 'endocrinologically, apart from the unexplained TSH levels, there is nothing wrong'.

I have since read Dr Arem's book 'The Thyroid Solution' and think I may be a candidate to try T3 replacement hormone in addition to the T4 I am taking. I don't want to go back to the same endocrinologist, as he is very focused on test results rather than patient treatment.

If anyone knows of an endocrinologist, ideally in the Yorkshire/ Manchester region, who would be willing to discuss T3 replacement hormone treatment and is willing to look beyond blood test results to treat patient symptoms, I would be very grateful for any information.


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Sorry I can't help in your area but what I will say is post-surgery I was under my endo for quite a few years until I was discharged and was only ever prescribed thyroxine (t4). Last year I decided enough was enough and paid to see him on a private basis, asked about t3 and was prescribed it. He then told me to be re-referred to him via the GP so that he could continue to see me on the nhs. I think from experience, if you don't complain too much and accept that you have no option but to feel the way you do, the medical profession will get away with prescribing t4 only. Once you start to gain some knowledge about your condition and have faith that you know what you're talking about (or at least make them believe you do because, believe me, once I think I know I read more and I'm back to square one!) they seem to take you a bit more seriously. Good luck. x

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Thanks, I know the 'back to square one' feeling - I've only recently found out about T3, having started reading up again after the endo gave up. I've talked to my GP and she's willing to prescribe it, but wants me to see a specialist first as she doesn't know what to do about dosage...

Has the T3 helped with your symptoms?


Could you give me the details of any endrocronologist in the UK- don't mind where in the UK who will carry out a T3 test.

I'm desperate, thyroid removed 5 yrs ago & still feel dreadful.

Thanks so much, Kate



Drop me an email, got a list 18 'Good' NHS Endos now. May not be in your area though and some do T3, some not, but it's still worth a look...

Also, check out the 'Hospitals' section of this website for comments on your local Endo Depts.




Thanks Louise, that's sounds very useful. Just dropped you an email and look forward to getting the list through. :)


Hi lizzyd, Did you manage to find one around Leeds?

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Hi Louise, I've just come across this post and I have a very similar problem. Could you please make the list of specialists available to me too? Many thanks


Will be difficult to find endo on NHS to prescribe Liothyronine (T3) NHS wont allow them due to the cost. Some GP's will but you have to push for it. Mine did when I suggested I would go to a solicitor to get treatment I needed.

25mcg Liothyroxine (T3) is equivalent to 100mcg Levothyroxine if on T3 only.


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