Can anyone recommend a good Specialist/Endocrinologist?

I've gone about as far as I can with the NHS, fed up with a test here and a test there, then having to wait a month to see the GP. Seeing a consultant who's field of speciality is so narrow they advise you to see someone else, it just goes on and on!!

Can anyone recommend me a specialist I say specialist loosely as I'm looking for someone who will treat me as a whole, treat the clinical symptoms not just the test results, think out side the box and if required be able and willing to prescribe NDT/Armour for hypothyroidism. I know I'm asking a lot but is there anyone in the country who fits this criteria?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • Hi sorry I can't help you but please if you find this doctor email me xx good luck xx

  • Yes, in the private sector. TUK has a list of private doctors who understand thyroid and will prescribe NDT. Do get the list from Louise Warvill. I'm seeing one in Hendon and that is going well. Someone else commented that one in Winchester was quite helpful too. Good luck.

  • Thanks, who's the one in Winchester?

  • I don't know I'm afraid. There seem to be two on the list around that area. Maybe start another question and see if someone can recommend a doctor in Winchester?

  • Lisabax, please please please can you PM the doctor/endo who is prescribing you NDT in Hendon?

    Much appreciated!

  • He's no longer practising I'm afraid

  • Whereabouts are you? I'm going to Leamington on Saturday, so will post how it goes after.

  • Yes please, me too. I live near Guildford, Surrey and would love to find a doctor who would look at the symptoms (and feel my neck) rather than the bloody tsh test

  • If you are in London, i can recommend a private GP. You do not necessarily need a specialist, just a half decent gp and this one is a zillion times better than anything i have encountered on the nhs. He will prescribe Armour, etc

  • Hi Exactly like my wonderful Endo does. I do not know where you live but people do travel a long way to see her. leamington Spa. if you do want details send me a PM, easiest way is to click on my name at the bottom of this reply.I made the mistake of seeing a well known private thyroid doc, big mistake, so different with a good Endo.


  • I don't think the NHS knows much about biochemistry or Lyme Disease... It's spent millions on computer system a few years ago which failed.

    The Amblance Service in this area

    done something simular where they can't transfere the notes from a paramedic that comes out to the main crew. You end up being admited as being normal when you called the ambulance in the first place your temperature and blood pressure are through the roof. You are just suffering from nerves or psychosomatic and told to go home.

    Your ill ? We don't believe you.

    Come in with a blood pressure in the 200's left to wait.

  • Thanks for the comments, I'm not entirely sure if my thyroid problems are the symptom of something or the route cause. Think I require some more tests, I expect my doctor will suggest upping my Levothyroxine but I don't particularly want to if my thyroid is not the route cause and something else is underlying. The NHS is so frustrating if it's not glaringly obvious to them, then they don't want to know. They're uninterested in finding route causes of problems and would rather fob you off with excuses.

  • I just saw a lovely lady Endocrinologist in Leamington Spa,who was recommended by Jackie on this site. I am starting on NDT after 7 years of taking rotten Levothyroxine and I am hopeful!

  • would you be able to PM me her details? Thank you

  • Hello Fr23 could you possibly PM me the details of your endocrinologist in Leamington Spa as well please. Unfortunately the doctor I have been seeing in London (who has been very good) has at very short notice decided to close his practice, so I'm rather desperate to find someone else to take care of my thyroid health.

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