Hi, my question relates to home thyroid test kits (advanced) are they accurate? More info re this choice of action below :-)

My mother has a thyroid condition, and some other female family members too, I've had loads of exasperating and worsening symptoms over last four years but my gp will only test TSH and FT4. My symptoms are constant and some of them worsen periodically. To name but a few, dry eyes, very dry skin on body, it itches like mad at times and my scalp feels like its crawling at the moment, really dry hair too. My immune system is rubbish, my white cell averages 4, doctor says this is obviously my average, even though I have endured so many urine infections I now have to have an antibiotic every time I have sex.I am always tired, yawning at work in a public role is embarassing, if i sit for long and try to concentrate for example reading, computer work etc I just fall asleep. It takes me ages to get out of bed on a morning :-( . One of the worst symptoms is the cold, I am frozen most of the time, I sit wrapped up with my back against the radiator at home, I have the electric blanket on full and leave it on until im dropping off (which isnt too long) to try and warm me through. My hands and feet are like ice, but my back feels cold a lot too now, Im not sure if it feels cold to the touch like extremities, but I feel cold there. Constipation getting worse cant naturally go every day, take senna if it gets to day 3 which is often and take it several days to set a rhythm back up, but within a week Im back to every three days, four sometimes. My nails break off, they splinter and peel. For about a year my ears have itched terribly, it started on the outside, but now they itch inside like mad. I am 39 years of age, and going through perimenopause too (i think) menopause had happened by 40 for my mother and her mother was early forties too. So had period changes for about ten years, started ridiculously heavy, but now a lot lighter but spotting for days, dont know if theese symptoms get blurred with this issue too.

So I am now at the stage of trying anything, I take vit D because I had a print out of previous bloods, this was extremely low, and ive read of the hypo link. I take pro biotics, and menopause vitamins too to try aid my body. I am easing off antihistamines, havent used them since sept last year (I have a bad sun allergy that came in my teens) I itch wherever my skin has been exposed to the sun within an hour or too. Its so bad it sometimes makes me bruise wherever I have clawed myself.

My TSH result was 1.8 and serum free T4 was 14.2 , because they are normal the GP says no need for further tests. Any ideas?

Sorry for length of post.

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  • The kits available by following this link:


    ... are processed at a reputable laboratory. I don't think there is anything to choose between them and "proper" tests. They simply use a small sample and provide a lance so you can get that sample from your own finger.

    Read through and then click on Home Blood Tests.

    Your T4 (I assume Free T4) of 14.2 unfortunately is difficult to interpret because the reference ranges vary so much from one lab to another across the country. Do you know the range for that?


  • Hi Rod, thanks for the reply.

    I have found this page and a test kit , and although a little costly, I am sure it is more than worth its money if it aids me in finding out one way or another :-) Just wanted to be sure they were acurate, and reliable.

    RE serum free T4 the guide was 9.1 - 19.1 (if that helps)

  • So, almost exactly the middle of the FT4 range. Hmm, you'll never get a typical doctor to think of that as being hypothyroid. :-(

    By the way,if you click on the blue "Reply to this", then the person you are responding to gets an email alert. Make sit easier to notice that you have responded. Don't worry, everyone makes that mistake to begin with.

  • This would definitely seem the case, I would like to know what my earlier thyroid results were a few years ago when last tested, will see if I can get them to tell me when next at doctors. Re headaches, the headache with auro was weird, it felt more like skull pressure , for want of a better description, ive had a few migraines in my early twenties and they were crucifying. This was moreof a big pressure, when the crystal glass type aura came I immediately took nurofen and paracetamol for the fear of what was to come so don't really know how bad it would have been. It was more the case of seven days of mild headaches after it. Get minor headaches much more often now. Will have a look at the glaucoma links on the site, thanks for steering me in the right direction! Tried to use the reply option early but it would not post the comment, so gave up and used the main reply/answer option. Was having internet probs then though, so maybe fault at this end. Will try again now! Thanks again :-)

  • You have used the Reply to this just fine here!

    The site has been having technical problems recently.

  • Forgot to mention headaches too, these are a newish symptom, not as in never having them before, but having them more often, had an aura headache couple of weeks ago and mild headache for seven days followed. Usually top of head on one side and sometimes around an eye socket. Had eye test to check out any problems re this and test was fine except high pressure in one eye, this happened about three years ago on previous test too, but after two referalls to hospital , pressures came down to low 20's again. Good news albeit exasperating !

  • At least a few of the admins here are prone to migraines. Is that what you are getting?

    There does seem to be an association with hypothyroidism - but not a simple cause and effect.

    We have had several threads of people with glaucoma - or being tested for it. Maybe try a search in the search box at top right, you might find it at least interesting and possibly helpful.


  • Hi Make sure you have a Free T3 test,you may need some T3 on a script. I use Blue Horizon, they are really the Lab ( TDL ) , which is the same on all the private hospitals use but much cheaper. They do all the tests NHS do and more besides , on their main site. Some of the tests are actually better than the NHS ones and they are completely reliable and accurate. Also all docs happy with them ,as well known.This is for venous blood ( syringe) or their new finger prick tests.

    best wishes,


  • Pack came today, will do test needy week due to posting at Easter times and see what will be. Don't want to be ill, but would like something to be found so that I can get help with all these uncomfortable and infuriating symptoms. T3 is part of the test, will update results when they arrive. I've gone with blue horizon :) Thanks for advice Jackie.

  • Needy ? Meant to say next lol.

  • i had a test and came back normal i think all GP receptionist could say is 'no further action needed' to every question i asked. i have been advised to get another with a test for Antibodies. Any recommendations on websites to get a home test?

  • Hi kimla, nowadays I simply ask for a full print out of my results because their 'normal' levels kept me Ill for years. X

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