got my blood test results back over the phone

says my T4 level was slightly above borderline & that my T3 & B12 & Vit D were all ok & i thought damn! hes not gonna put me back on 150mcg even tho he said he,d take my symptoms into conscideration.Well he has said he will up them to that & im to have another blood test in 8 weeks .How do i know that these blood tests are what he says they are & how can my T4 say slightly above when i feel so crap? Oh im glad he,s upping my dose back but just feel in 8 weeks time hes gonna say they even higher and lower me again & im back to square one. I dont understand all the terminoligies & what they mean for all these other things to do with thyroids & im getting so confused

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  • Janey, it's not the T4 itself that is going to make you feel better. T4 is just a storage hormone and has to be converted into T3, the active hormone. So if it's above range, but you're not converting properly, you're not going to feel any better.

    What you need to do is get a print-out of the actual figures. 'OK' is not a diagnosis. And what he thinks is OK, probably has no connection with what you NEED.

    As for the terminologies, you only have to ask. Someone here will be able to explain it all to you.

    Hugs, Grey

  • thankyou grey,

    i just think its hard work getting doctors to understand & im surprised they dont look more into it if im telling them i feel like crap when they lower my dose whatever the T4 test result shows ? i thought with how long ive had thyroid desease i knew all about it but i am just realizing i dont understand & i cant ask much at moment because of all those figures you,ve mentioned baffle me :-(


  • Janey, I only mentioned T4 and T3! lol Those are the Thyroid hormones that the thyroid usually makes, but yours can't now. T4 is the levothyroxin you are taking. It is a storage hormone and has to be converted into T3 which is the active hormone that your body uses.

    The problem is doctors think they know it all - when they don't! - and that you know nothing - although you probably know more than them! They have been taught at med school that all they need to do is test the TSH and give you levo. This, we know, is not true. But because they learnt it at med school, they think it is gospel and don't take any notice of what the patient says and don't see the need to look more into it.

    This is a gross generalisation, of course (I say that just in case!) but, to be honest, I've only ever met one doctor that wasn't like that, and boy, have I met some doctors!

    So if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

    Hugs, Grey

  • As GG says - folks can't really comment or explain without the actual results, can you ask for a printout when you collect your prescription? Post them here for folks to help.

    Best wishes Jane (too) :D

  • well ive already picked my prescription up spareribs but i have to pop into the docs again monday so will ask the receptionist . Do they have to give you them if you request them? because i dont want them trying to fob me off with some excuse and want to go in there with all the info i need to be prepared to argue my case lol .

    thanx spareribs

    jane :-)

  • Follow this link:

    Tells you that you re entitled to access your medical records - and some information about how to do it. GP practices do vary. And on the same page is some information about charges - which they might or might not make.

  • Hi

    As hellvella says you are entitled to your medical records, my surgery does charge me 35p for every print out if I go via the receptionist.

    If they ask you why you want them say you are keeping them for your own records.

    If push comes to shove make an appt to see the GP and ask them direct. They should print them out there and then at no charge.

    Good luck


  • ty hellvella & tulu , i,ll ask for them on monday .I think its time these docs though had a refresher course on thyroidism because too many people still suffering & it comes to something when you end up knowing more than a doc because hes too ignorant or his hands are tied to look into it more .

    will let you know how i get on

    jane :-)

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