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only got half the results :(

Booked the lot of tests, T4 FT3 FT4 TSH and they only did


FREE THYROXINE 13.4 pmol/l 12.0 - 22

So where are the rest of the results???

this is what was in the email that accompanied the results......

Please find attached your results in PDF format , all of which were within

normal limits.

We always recommend (although the choice is yours) that you share these

results with your usual G.P. who will have access to not only your medical

history, but also your physical self and will therefore be in a better

position than ourselves to make a full assessment of any symptoms you are


If we can be of any further assistance or you wish your blood sample to be

tested for other parameters before it is destroyed (7 days from sample

receipt) then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Seems that I have not got what I paid for, but there are my favourite 3 words again. :(

Ann xxx

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You paid for these tests to be done privately?

surely that would by-pass the usual NHS lab 'as TSH in range we don't test others' thing? In which case I would ask for the rest before sample destroyed, def need FT3.

J :D


Hi, yes and I have fired off email to state that I had paid for all tests and expected the results for all tests, not for a basic profile.

Hopefully will get the rest done.

Ann xx


Well, they may think that FT4 is 'normal', but I don't! Way, way too low! And that TSH may be in range, but a TSH that high would kill me. I wouldn't be able to get out of bed. So much for private tests!!! You've been swindled!



Hi Grey, funny you should mention that, as hubby has to help me to get out of bed as I am so stiff and unable to move!! lol

I have sent them email asking for the other results as I paid for a full profile not just basic test.

Ann xx


Good! By the way, there's not much point in doing the total T4 test, it doesn't give you much useful information. What is important is to know how much T4 you have available in your blood for use by your body, and that's the FT4. Could save you money.


That's absolutely appalling. If you paid by credit card I would stop the payment, you didn't get what was ordered.

Your results aren't normal at all! No wonder you feel so awful. Even my previous GP when my FT4 was 13 said it was far too low. I think you need to take control and get yourself some treatment. Hugs XXX


Hi, unfortunately I dont possess a credit card, but I have emailed them and will ring them on monday to enforce that I paid for a full profile and not a basic test and that I want the rest of the results.

Who would I speak to to get treatment, as my GP refuses to believe that there is anything wrong, and will not take notice of private testing.?

Ann xx


Hi Ann,

I hope you get your blood tested again and get the full profile.

I'm funding some of my treatment, I am bypassing the GP's. I'm not happy about it as I really can't afford it, but don't feel I have a choice now. I've got to the stage where I'm refusing blood tests, simply had enough now.

I know you've been struggling for ages with this Ann, there's no doubt at all you should be getting treatment for hypothyroidism.

Along with my 4 page letter of complaint I wrote last week to my GP, I put in before and after pics, a copy of the petition to the Scottish Government, about 20 pages re Hypothyroid symptoms, and I photocopied that link we had recently about why lots of patients on T4 still feel crap. It was a huge envelope full. Of course I haven't had a reply, but I was determined to make my point.

Hugs. XXX


I will see the new GP after the new patient medical as moved docs this week.

Will try and see if they are sympathetic to thyroid symptoms and dont stick rigidly to blood results.

Thanks for the hugs, much appreciated xxx

Ann xx


Crossing everything for you Ann. XXX


Was that through a private lab? I'd have rung them up - or emailed - straightaway.

Hope it gets sorted.



Sorry about that - I had your blog open for ages before I got the chance to type my reply! Then everyone had responded! :-)


lol :D


Hi Rod, it was private and I fired email back straight away, and will ring on monday to reinforce that I paid for full test and not the basic profile, and that I want the results of all the tests that I paid for. I didnt see the email till an hour ago as been out most of the day.

Ann xx


hope it gets sorted chemical :(


I'm so sorry Ann. This is inexcusable.


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