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Private Endo appointment or wait 6 weeks for NHS

Private Hospital Appointment ? i have been asking for advice about my daughter who has recently been diagnosed with Thyroid failure. Her Dr seems on the ball he rang her 2 days after a blood test to ask her to go in and get a prescription. Her TSH was abve 100 and T4 only 4( She is 23) She has been put on 50 mcu of thyroxine and is going back in 10 days for another blood test and he is testing for antibodies as i have hashimotos and also my sister. She has quite a noticable swelling in her neck. The Dr wants her to see an Endo, but said it would probably not be until July,but said he would speak to the hospital and manage her treatment in the meantime. I obviously am panicking as she is so poorly and not able to work.She lives in Bristol and im wondering if i paid for her to see endo more quickly would that make it difficult for her to be on the NHS in the future as I know this is a life long condition!,Should she ask her Dr.I know i can get her an appointment with Spire Health within the week or can you rec a good endo in Bristol.Thanks once again for your help Val

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I'd say 'hold your horses'

the series of appointments she has from GP and NHS endo is fine, there is no need to rush any further for now.

your GP does not seem too bad, give it all a chance, I know you want her to feel good asap, however no matter which endo (private or NHS) she goes to she will take probably ages to recover anyway......

also do not pick any private endo just because they are private, there is gazziollions of them in the private sector who are USELESS, only ever go by recommendation to a private one (ask for recommendations on here, one of our admins has a private endo in your area :) )



Thankyou for your advice, i understand you have alist of Endo,s in Bristol area ,my daughter lives in Clifton. I think i will wait and see a bit, but with your list could perhaps ask to be refered to a specific person if poss .regards val


When I had a 6 week wait for an endo appointment I phoned the sec and asked to see him quicker. Unfortunately the people that shout loudest get heard (I know because I work in the health service) You will have to have some good reasons ready and if you mention anything to do with the heart they tend to sit up and listen. I am not suggesting you should lie but describing specific symptoms is useful as many have difficulty with "diffuse" symptoms.

Good luck



Whichever endo you see NHS or private I would strongly suggest getting a recommendation to see a "good" one. You need one that does more than look at blood tests and one that listens to your daughter.

If you send a message to an admin on this site they can send you a list of endos that they & members have been to and are good. Hopefully there are some in Bristol.


Thankyou all for you advice, yes i was going to ask who would be a good Endo in Bristol area,my daughter is in Clifton I will contact an admin Regards val x


Bloods will only be checked every 6 weeks or so, so July isn't that far sway. It takes about 6 weeks for meds to get into your system and do anything. Please don't be in too much of a hurry. It all takes time. Wishing your daughter all the best.

Jo xx


Thankyou Jo yes you are right it does take a while for T4 to kick in, but its so hard knowing what I know and standing back. Her Dr seems switched on she is going back next week for another blood test to test antibodies and he has booked her in for a scan as her neck is swollen (that's the bit that really alarms me,I didn't have that) spose scared what they might find.Will try to keep calm Val x


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