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Medicheck, is it worth private testing?



I am sorry if some of you have already seen my posts about advice so i apologise but i am getting to a point were my every day life is becoming a struggle and i would like answers.

I posted on another post about my test results. I have not been diagnosed and have only been tested for TSH which is shown below. I was tested for B12 but not active.

Anyway was told GP said everything was normal, but everything does not feel NORMAL i am 37 years old and have been getting progressivley worse with more symptoms related to hypothyrodism.

Is private testing the way to go before i go back to GP?

Any advice would be so helpful.

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Definitely worth testing. Get a full picture with a complete thyroid/vitamin and mineral panel that includes




Thyroid antibodies

Vit D




Medichecks Thyroid Check UltraVit or

Blue Horizon Thyroid Check plus Eleven which, if ordered by the end of August with code AUGUST20 you will get 20% off the price which makes it just over £79. It's the same test as the Medichecks one.

Medicheck are doing their test for 59 just now as an offer. Thank you for getting back to me

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to HappyH81

That one at Medichecks for the offer price of £59 is the Thyroid Check Ultra and doesn't include Vit D. If you want Vit D, which is just as important as the other vitamins, then it's the Medichecks Thyroid Check UltraVit test you need and that's £99. The Blue Horizon Thyroid plus Eleven is the same as Medichecks Thyroid Check UltraVit but almost £20 cheaper until the end of the month.


You need vitamin D tested too

HappyH81 in reply to SlowDragon

Thank you. I suppose ill need to get that 1 as well.

Thanks for all the advice. It feels good to have people understand and not just roll their eyes at me.

spongecat in reply to HappyH81

Yes it's definitely worth getting the Vit D assay done.

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere we don't get any chance to make vitamin D naturally because the sun is too weak until around April time.

Knowing your vitamin D level now and if it's under will give you an indication on how much D3/K2 to take in the winter months.

GP's sometimes say "That is fine" if the result is just creeping into adequate. This is generally not so and if they recommend their default of D3 800iu it's not enough to boost your levels and you end up with a Sisyphian task and end up nowhere.

Post your results and ranges when you get them back and folk here will give you lots of advice on how to proceed. :)

HappyH81 in reply to spongecat


Sadly not all doctors will take note of private testing so be prepared for that but it's important that you know what the situation is and we can help you read the results and advise accordingly. The vitamins mentioned are important as many of us are low in those and so our thyroid may not be working at its best so again we can advise about supplements as most of us take something and many more. When you are better informed then you can reason with your doctor or find another that will listen. Always remember to put any ranges when you post as these vary from lab to lab, without them we would just be guessing.

Thank you everyone. My GP is normally quite good. Time will tell when i have a better picture of my thyroid function.

Today was a really bad day, working shifts really takes its toll. Sometimes i feel i am putting myself and others at risk when i am driving feeling as exhausted as i can sometimes.

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