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First appointment with private endo


Hi all

Had my first appointment with a private endo today. Has asked for me to have full thyroid panel. Went because in

October tsh was 1.79

December was 30

This was on levothyroxine 50mcg.

Was happy he actually went over all my blood test since I been diagnosed and agrees something isn’t adding up. As my tsh increasing but t4 staying same.

Some of what he said did go over my head but he has a few ideas he wants to investigate e.g viral infection of thyroid, another autoimmune disease present, problems with receptors . Interestingly also change in brand of tablet.

We shall see if this is worth the money

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Hi ya .... this sounds promising, there appears to be not much praise for endos on here!! ...I have also decided to see a private endo next week so hopefully I’ll have a good experience like you 😊

Dewberry1 in reply to Lisa254


I hope your endo is! I took all my blood results with me so he could make a timeline of levels etc

Rmichelle in reply to Dewberry1

Hi dewberry glad you are happybso far, sounds promising doesnt it, ive seen 2 nhs endo's and not impressed so far-they all speak BLAH BLAH.x

Rmichelle in reply to Lisa254

Hi lisa 254 let me know how you get on with private endo.xx

Lisa254 in reply to Rmichelle

Morning, yes I will do 😊🤞🏼I googled thyroid specialist in my area East Sussex and read up on the private doctors and found this one he works in ears nose and throat but specialises in thyroid hopefully he will be able to help x

Rmichelle in reply to Lisa254

Wow yes please let me know im interested to know,when is your app?

So blood tests came back and endo says all is fine. But I’m concerned about my t3.

It is 1.3 but there is no reference range?

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