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Dear Endo, I take it all back ….

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In the 10th week of a 12 week trial of T3 in addition to T4, I took my blood test form (which the Endo had given me at the beginning) to the local hospital for an 8am test.

Two days later I rang the Endo Secretary and asked about a follow up appt, and explained I only had 2 weeks’ worth of T3 left. She asked how I had been and I said that from around week 2 to week 7 I had felt better than I had for a long time but since then I had experienced some symptoms and thought I might benefit from an increase of some kind . Obviously she did not discuss the blood results with me.

I had spoken to the secretary on Friday afternoon . On SUNDAY afternoon the Endo rang me to discuss how I felt, and the results. T3 is now in top 25% of range and T4 is in bottom10%. Said, if I wanted to, I could try adding 25mcg of T4 and retest in 10 weeks. TSH is undetectable - as it has been for years but it’s irrelevant. He has given me another ‘script to last for another 12 weeks.

He was pleased that I felt better and couldn’t have been more accommodating or reasonable. This is not a private consultant - I have only seen him via NHS - he apologised for calling me on a Sunday but he was working from home as his clinics are so busy and he had picked up the test results and messages from his Secretary.

In my area (Staffs) I have to applaud our hospital staff. Last Monday I called my knee consultant’s secretary to ask for an appt - and I received an appointment that same evening for 4 weeks hence.

They have been extraordinary and I’m grateful to them.

22 Replies
Barrister profile image

Sounds like your Endo is a keeper!

in reply to Barrister

😂 sure is !

So pleased for you!! He phoned on a Sunday… who would have thought? I’d marry him for sure. 😊 are you going to try increasing T4 now?

in reply to Josephineinamachine

😂😂😂 good advice - but it would be more cost effective if I married a vet ….🐎🐶🐭I’m staying on 20 mcg of Lio and going to increase the Levo from 100 to 125 mcg and see if it makes a difference .

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shawsAdministrator in reply to

I hope your new regime will suit. If you don't have all of your symptoms resolve, you can phone Endocrinologist and let him know.

in reply to shaws

Yes, I have asked that I remain under review and all prescribing to remain with Endo until I’m comfortable with the dosages and this doesn’t seem to be any issue. I dread prescribing going back to the GP tbh, they are becoming more of a problem than a help in so many ways just now .

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FancyPants54 in reply to

Well vets are pretty good at treating thyroid conditions in animals, often better than doctors do for us. So that arrangement could work out very well for you!

in reply to FancyPants54

They certainly do ! Would cost me a small fortune however 😬 NI contributions regrettably don’t cover vets - so it would have to be a wedding 😂 think I’ve missed that boat there

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Great news

lisabax profile image

It’s so lovely to hear something positive. Thank you for sharing and I hope you continue to feel better

Raventhorpe profile image

WOW!!lovely to hear some good news for a change, definitely a keeper.

in reply to Raventhorpe

He is 😊 - but I’m also v grateful for all the support and advice on here - it massively helped me to articulate my situation and understand what I was experiencing . Might never have got this far otherwise

Yeswithasmile profile image

Wow!! On a Sunday? And accommodating? And listened? Have I slipped into an alternate universe?? Lol.

Good for you Fancymare. So pleased for you.

😊 yes, immensely cheering : what a difference it makes

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I had a similar great experience when I contacted the secretary of an NHS Endo I hadn't seen for 2 years as I felt I needed an increase in Levo. He phoned me back an hour later. Makes me wonder if Secretaries are the fairies with the magic wands.

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HowNowWhatNow in reply to asiatic

It is a much under-appreciated role.

in reply to HowNowWhatNow

Couldn’t agree with your more : and what a difference they make to how you feel

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HowNowWhatNow in reply to

Yes. Have a friend whose father led the obstetric dep’t of a large U.K. hospital. He and the whole family put his secretary on a pedestal because she was so important to the running of his job and the department’s work and worked with him for decades. She knew everything and everyone - as all good secretaries do.

HowNowWhatNow profile image
HowNowWhatNow in reply to HowNowWhatNow

Not a literal pedestal!

NWA6 profile image

I might have to move to Staffs 🥳

in reply to NWA6

A much under-appreciated county ! Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on my doorstep: 30 min from Symphony Hall and Bham Rep: , 1 hour from RSC : and 35 mins from The New Vic : and right on the hub of the Mway network to anywhere ! 😊

Struggling with GPs tbh though

knitwitty profile image
knitwitty in reply to

"Struggling with GP's "Don't be greedy , you can't win them all!! ( only joking -so glad you have. great endo !). Some of us are unlucky enough to have unhelpful Endo's an dGP's !!

Would you please PM me the name of your endo as I have sisters in Staffs and if they follow the female family tradition of becoming hypo it may be helpful for them to know the name of a good endo. :)

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