diabetes and thyroid??

When i had my full blood count i had elevated blood sugar being 7.7.

I had to have a fasting blood glucose test last friday results.....

upon fasting from 10pm-9am when i had the blood drawn


2 hours after having the glucose drink the nurse gave and resting up and going to have blood drawn my result is....


could anyone tell me if this is in normal range?

I am also aware that a thyroid problem can cause elevated sugar level so if the range for my fasting test is ok why would my full blood count be elevated?


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  • Hi Normally the Glucose test is 5 and under. The better test usually done if a problem is HbA1c.If your thyroid disease is autoimmune that is more likely you have diabetes. Diabetes is auto immune and hormonal. It is not a bad result but certainly needs treating and is not border line ,so do not be fobbed off with that, I am very underweight so, weight often is not relevant. If you are seeing an endo they would also look after your diabetes etc. The best test used to be a complicated one ,done in hospital for safety involving glucose but taking 6 hours. MY endo always said that the shorter one involving glucose drinks was useless!Diabetes UK site is good and the American one. I find the best info in the forward to Anthony Warrel Thompsons relevant books. the forward etc. have a look for them at the Library, sorry cannot remember the names.You need treatment but just tablets as not too bad.


  • again they have said its in normal range, i have put my thyroid test results up on here also, im not sure what is going on with me all i know is noone wants to listen, im not sure if im having hypo or hyper, all i know is i am having symptoms of both, im just going to take all my results to the endo in may and see what she thinks although she swears by the tsh, ive got to have a heart scan today, im just fed up with all these testing but i know deep down this is something my thyroid is doing.

    Im not underweight or overweight so im a lil confused with that, im 33 have 4 children and im 9 and a half stone, i gave up smoking 5 weeks ago and im feeling my thyroid is sufferering more as my symptoms are alot worse!

    thanks for your reply x

  • Hi Are you sure the endo is good? If not ask for a second referral. ,after seeing him!Unfortunately like everything good and bad. GP`s choice is often not what we like. I always sort out my consultants myself WEB sites, CV`s etc.and only then ask for a referral.It does always take a long time to sort the thyroid out and improve, if lucky and the right treatment about a year. Endo should do all the tests you need, make sure he does FT3 too ( most relative to weight) and ask for a copy of results with ranges, and his letter. If it does not arrive in a week or two phone his secretary you can have them.Also ,if he is a general endo ask him about the diabetes. Even if not treated yet, you do need to be on the diabetic diet, not much fruit and specific bread, not wholemeal but multi grain, soya based is best, I cannot remember the name. Lots of Veg and not too much protein.You should have a re te over active ( Hyper) can be identical, even weight. The old idea was just to treat on blood tests regardless. Before that no blood tests, appearance and how one felt ( better I think ). Now a good specialist ,of any sort, will treat on symptoms and blood tests are considered. GP`s go just by symptoms usually as scared of being in trouble with GMC etc.

    What is the heart scan? Do you mean an echo? or ECG? Is it for palpitations ? If so, that does not normally show what it is.on a single ECG, or echo You need a 24 hour or better 7 day home monitor which gives dozens of little ECGs. A lot of things especially Atrial Fibrillation ( AF ) is intermittent ,so very lucky if picked up on a one off!

    I hope this is some help to you.


  • I had a thyroid test by my doc who was very reluctant to do it but done it anyway i have posted it on here befor if you scroll down on the questions, it was a heart scan thats all i know, yes im had it for the palpatations and heart flutter, skipped beats, im fed up with having to go all through these different tests, the thing is my weight hasn't gone up really so im a lil confused on that :/, if you want me to post my test results on this link for you then i can?

    thanks nichola x

  • Hi Nichola, I am sorry I cannot find the tests, I expect I am being thick but have scrolled, can you post them again? ( with ranges ) I thought it must be AF, very common and often starts sooner for having thyroid disease. You need to be on anticoagulents ,if diagnosed, as soon as possible as there is a risk of clots without it. It can also be treated , drugs and if becomes permanent then cadio version or Maze, simple procedures. I have had it all my life ( I am old) but treatment better now. It is not too serious, I now have lots of heart problems and permanent AF.If the ECG and echo? do not show it, it is unlikely to , make sure you have the test you should have had first, a home monitor. Then if positive see a cardio specialising in arrythmias as totally different. It would be at a large teaching hospital. I was under a general cardio for years and he made mistakes. If you send your results, I will get back to you. On treatment , normally ,if hypo, the FT3 needs to be near the top of range and T4 top two thirds.All the symptoms eg weight etc my good endo says can be hyper or hypo. I have Hashimotos ( auto immune hypo) and am very underweight. ignorant doctors keep assuming I am Hyper, but am not.My voice is so bad now that no one can hear me!Trouble is I am fairly deaf too, what fun!

    Best wishes,


  • tsh 1.73 mul

    free t3 5.0

    free t4 11.0

    the reference range for t3 here is 3.8-6.0

    the reference range for t4 here is PROVISIONAL 7.9-20.0

    I am almost certain i have hashimoto's as like i said i seem to go from hyper to hypo, i sometimes gets days when i feel i have more energy then others but mainly bad days, usually its when i have the better days i have a lil more energy, i wouldnt say im over weight im 33 with 4 children and im 9 and a half stone! x

  • Hi Nichola, If that is FT 3, it is much too low, T4 should be higher too.I am not surprised you feel terrible, you clearly need a lot more treatment. I have never swung with Hashimotos, I think you can with Graves ( also autoimmune). However, it is only recently that the type of hypo or hyper has been classified. it was always just treated on how you were and looked and later blood tests.I really think you need to find a decent endo. One who will treat you regardless of the TSH. You would have bad days if you are so under treated. Unfortunately, we often have to fight to get the thyroid treated as it needs. I suffered terribly for many years as little known and no info available about thyroid. Now it is easier to get yourself well. With those results you are a long way from feeling well. Also make sure you have had vit D ( hormonal) tested, Ferritn, B12( autoimmune) and Folic acid. All common with thyroid disease. If D low, you need a calcium test before any treatment with vit D. Your endo should have done that. Make sure you have a copy of the hospital tests + ranges.

    Time to get tough!

    Best wishes,


  • Hi again, Just read the last little bit. Weight is not always a good guide to thyroid disease. I am Hypo and very underweight. My endo says that all the symptoms can be Hyper or Hypo although unusual. Thyroid ruined my time for the children when they were young, Do not let it go on.


  • Thanks i have a full blood count from last august if you want me to post it on for you, people have told me my iron and b12 is low although in "so say normal range" i feel my children suffer because of how ill i am and very much drained, i will not get answers as my ranges are in range "so say" how did you determain that both ft3 and ft4 is low? i have been told by other that my ft4 is deffo low but my ft3 shouldnt be that high with my ft4 being so low, also some people say its better to have a tsh 1 or under, my tsh has been rising over the last couple of months, it started at 0.57, 0.97 now its 1.73.

    thanks x

  • Well I was not sure if it was Free T3, as the other test, my endo says is useless, I said that if it was FT3 it was low. FT3 needs to be near the top of range.If it is not Free T3, then that is the test you need. To start with if your T4 is much higher it may push up your FT3, if your body is converting it as it should. It often does not.It is common before treatment to have low T4 and FT3,I did but my FT3 was very low, so I had the treatment.Also if tSH rising, for Hypo that generally means the FT3 is low.I would really see a good endo of your choice! Send me the FBC if you like. Have you had U`s and E`s ( kidney function ) done ,as that is very useful. and a fairly standard test.


  • tsh in may 2012 (0.57)

    tsh in august 2012(0.97mu/l)

    tsh in december 2012 (1.1mu/l)

    tsh 18/02/2013 (1.73)

    ft3 18/02/2013 (5.0) ref range (3.8-6.0)

    ft4 18/02/2013 (11.0) ref range provisiona (7.9-20.0)

  • Its the free t3 and free t4 i had done, you say the ft3 is low isnt 6.0 the top end as in high or am i confused? lol sorry got so much brain fog today im not taking it all in, so judging from my results what would you think could be happening?

    FBC august 2012

    serum ferritin 48ug/l (range 15-200)

    serum folate 4.9ug/l (range 4.6-18.7)

    serrum vitimin b12 245ng/l (no range)

    serrum tsh 0.97mu/l (ranger o.35-4.5)

    corrected serum calcuim level 2.53mmol/l (no range)

    alt/sgpt serrum level 12u/l (range 0-40)

    serrum alkaline phosphatase 88u/l (range 25-92)

    serrum bilirubin level 8umol/l (no range)

    liver function test-just doctors name by it :/

    serrum sodium 139mmol/l (no range)

    serrum potassium 3.5mmol/l (no range)

    serrum electrolytes-docs name

    serrum creatinine 81umol/l (no range)

    serrum calcium 2.53mmol (no range)

    serrum albumin 46g/l (no range)

    blood glucose 7.7mmol/l (no range) having extra tests!

    large unstained cells 0.14 10*9/l

    basophil count 0.04 10*9/l

    eosinophil count 0.23 10*9/l

    monocyte count 0.27 10*9/l

    lymphocyte count 2.85 10*9/l

    neutrophil count 5.1 10*9/l

    red blood cell distrubution width 13.2 (no range)

    platelate count 238 10*9/l

    mean corpusc. hb. conc. (mchc) 31.9g/dl (no range) says low!

    mean corpusc.haemoglobin (mch) 31.3pg (no range)

    mean corpuscular volume (mcv) 98.1fl (no range)

    haematocrit 0.479 (says high( (no range)

    haemoglobin est 15.3g/dl (no range)

    red blood cell (rbc) count 4.88 10*12/l

    total white cell count 8.64 10*9/l

    this is all the tests i have had to date, dont know if it would help??

  • Hi ,I know I think the brain for is the worse thing! I need my FT3 at the very top of the range, the endo and I know that. Some docs, especially GP`s will say it is fine if in range, anywhere. In a lot of cases a small amount, say 20mcg of T3 can make a huge difference.The FT3 you had as 5 was probably OK ( actually I thought it was lower,brain fog!)but normally if the TSH going up you need some T3. , an endo who is keen on T3 would give it you on those results.The T4 is definitely low, although in range, you would be unable to function if it was below range, it needs to be higher. FBC, With those ferritin results the GP would bot treat you but safe and I am sure would help to take a little, my endo likes Spatone Holland and Barrart or much cheaper, Amazon.They are sachets. Foliate ,I believe is fine and B12 but opinion varies on this.Calcium, corrected, everywhere is 2.20 to 2.60 so fine but would need watching if taking vit D.Sodium 133 to 146 so perfect.Potassium a little low,it varies a bit but more or less 3.5 to 5.3 sometimes top is 5.Last 2 electrolytes. You would benefit from Potassium rich food, or a little magnesium, better still in food, also ( like Ca a electrolytes) CreATININE 50 TO 98 fine, Glucose, you know needs treatment GFR most important kidney test cannot see it. It should ideally be above 60.Platelet count and white count ( infection ) all in range, good.As far as I remember the others. less important al OK They generally would be if thyroid all the problem! I hope this helps,


  • my folate is only just in the bottom range also and the mean corpsc came back high on my results before but docs didnt treat me! x

  • Thanks again for replying so what would you think is possibly going on with me if you had to be the one to say? x

  • No GP`s will not treat any thing without 2 positive tests, even on range does not count.However I would make sure you have a repeat test 6 months later of anything low.I would still say you have autoimmune hypothyroid possibly Hashimotos. My TSH was always below range and now on treatment it is unmeasurable, but my thyroid only stable like that. There are other causes of low TSH such as Pituitary gland but I do not think yours is that low. I am convinced that you need a lot more T4 and probably some T3.Probably all the other things too.May be also an ultra sound of the thyroid, just in case, enlargement and nodules very common ,especially with autoimmune.although your voice would show it and probably swallowing. The most likely cause of diabetes is , over weight but that does not apply, the other main cause,like me is autoimmune and hormonal link to the thyroid.I really would insist on seeing an endo of your choice, make sure they listen above all and enough confidence to give you the treatment you need.You can see some private doctors without a referral but they only know about the thyroid and going by my own experience, I really would not suggest that to any one.Let me know what you do and how things are. You can send a PM anytime. Just click on name.


  • I have a thyroid nodule i have to have yearly checks on ive had it for about 6 years, this is what made me look up thyroid problems back 6 years ago and it was very shocking when i read through the symptoms and i checked off nearly every single symptom that i get!

    My voice is always like im struggling i suffer with alot of sore throats and since ive had the thyroid nodule i find it hard to eat and i choke alot (endo said noway the nodule is causing this) but im not so sure, i have a follow up in may and im not leaving the room untill i get some decent answers, im going to ask for the thyroid antibody test and if she refuses im going to ask her why, if i get nowhere then im going to do it privately, i know in my hears of hearts im not clinically depressed im depressed because of how i feel, sometimes my mood swings are so bad my children dont know if there coming or going, i have more bad days then good so when i get the good days i clean and i feel i can be a excellent mummy, i cry myself to sleep most nightsas i feel im a failure to my children, i need and want to get better so i can have the energy to use on my kids before its too late! x

  • If you have a nodule, you could have more now, also usual to have an enlarged thyroid. Also make sure you have a needle biopsy a,radiologist ,under an ultra sound. It is standard unless medical condition contra indicate against it, like with me.You are not a failure, you are struggling because the medical profession is not treating you correctly, frailty of humans unfortunately. I have learnt to never trust any doctor but although I now see some wonderful ones, I do keep them on a tight reign. I guess I am a nightmare but once bitten , twice shy etc. You could phone the secretary and say you are so ill, can you have a cancellation as desperate. They have a lot of cancellations.May is a long time.

    Try not to worry, you will get better ,once you have sorted out the doctors!


  • when the nodule got found by myself cause the doctor said it was just anxiety causing my swallowing probs (i felt all over my throat) i had to have a biopsy, all they said to me after i went back for my results is the didn't get enough fluid to go by the biopsy so they used the scan to determain it was benign, now i have yearly scans and thats it! x

  • Well that sounds OK, but not very satisfactory, I would question them about that. If it Ok why are they still checking.? Also is your thyroid enlarged?If so, then it means you almost definitely have autoimmune thyroid disease.I would also ask for another needle biopsy, a good radiologist would never have a problem. finding it. if none of your bloods go very high, which they do not ,then it must be Hashimotos.It sounds a bit of a mudle. I would find a good endo regardless and ask to see them. I am lucky as mine s wonderful but I go prvately, she is the same nHS but at the moment doing emergency medicine NHS, although will be doing general endocrinology again soon. She says there are a few good endos!You could see a private doctor, some, without a referral. However I saw 2 different ones originally , one never tested and the other overdosed me. More importantly they did not find all the underlying thyroid issues. However good they are quite different for an endo.It does help now that there is so much info available but you really need another referral.If you end up seeing a cardio, they may well say that it is your thyroid, which would help.


  • Hi Jackie, sorry just butting in pn this post,but notice you say biopsy for nodule is standard etc, i 've got multi nodules goiter diagnosed few months ago and no-one is saying i've to get it tested at any point, is this something that has been overlooked for me....should i be asking for it to be tested ? regards

  • Hi Shadrag. I would ask about a Biopsy. My endo, who is very good and my specific radiologist both said that they should be biopsied and that "was the usual follow up"Radiologist just does PTH and thyroid as a specalised large hospital. My endo is very up to date and keeps up with all the latest reseach especially form USA.Have a look on the Mayo clinic site, USA, which is very good and a lot of doctors refer to.it is very common so probably OK without a biopsy, is is just to be sure.


  • Tks Jackie i will ask GP about this at next appointment. I only saw an Endo once via the NHS and he said he was "signing me off" as my GP had everything in hand. At this point i hadn't been on this site and hadn't a clue what to ask, i'm a bit more informed now and thinking about asking GP for another appointment with an Endo. Thks for your help. (sorry for butting in on the original post)

  • shandrag, sort out the endo before asking for a referral. Like everyone, good and bad. You need to know exactly who you want to see and above all that they listen. get names from Hospital site, look them up on private hospital sites and look for their CV`s under their name on the WEB. If possible get other opinions too.if possible. Last resort phone their secretaries and fish, you cannot ask a sec, what they are like but ask some questions and get a feel of how they are. I always find if the sec is not nice the consultant definitely will not be.!

    Good hunting!


  • Its soo frustrating i just dont know where to go from here! when your kids stress you out do you feel you cant manage as much and your symptoms get worse? i feel that somewhere thyroid goes in line with stress also! x

  • Hi Nichola,

    Yes there is a big connection between the 2. I know some people even take extra thyroxine when stressed, personally I would not do that, but it is hard.

    You will improve just be firm with the doctors!.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Nichola,

    I underwent pre-diabetes training 18 months ago. Apart from eating predominantly natural, unprocessed food without additives, the most useful advice was to keep carbohydrate portions between 10 to 14 per day (a portion contains 10g of carbohydrate).


    Eating low glycaemic foods helps too.

    Being overweight is a risk factor (or is it a symptom?) for type-2 diabetes, but a significant proportion of type-2 diabetics are not overweight.

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