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Graves and diabetes

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Well just when I thought having a virus and over active thyroid was bad now been advised by a friend that my frequent urinating and feeling very thirsty maybe diabetes and was in risk group anyone due to high cholesterol .Glucose test nearly 3 months ago random was high at 7 range 4 to 7.8 but going to get hopefully a fasting check done tomorrow suspect it's gone up despite nearly 3 months of carbi feel rough and date to see specliast put back a month

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Did you ever find out which antibodies were tested? Because the more I read your posts, the less I believe you have Grave's. It's usually hypos that are high risk for diabetes - and hypos that have high cholesterol. People with hyperthyroidism tend to have very low cholesterol. I really do think you owe it to yourself to find out exactly what is wrong, and you can only do that by finding out which antibodies were tested. They could very well be treating you for the wrong disease.

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Riley1969 in reply to greygoose

Hi Greygooose rang the Secretary of endocrinologist and she said my anti body test which was just over 75 range zero to 9 would have been TPO but said she has never heard or TRAB

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greygoose in reply to Riley1969

OK so your 'diagnosis' of Grave's is unsubstantiated, and you should not be taking carbi. If your TPO antibodies are positive, you have Hashi's. You could also have Grave's, it's not unheard of, but you need either your TRAB (and believe me, it does exist, no matter what an ignorant secretary says) or TSI - has she ever heard of that?

I think your endo is dangerous, because he doesn't appear to know the difference between Hashi's and Grave's, and you should seek a second opinion.

greygoose makes a good point. What were your thyroid results? Surely being on carbimazole you need to keep track. Did you lose weight?

Thanks for replies was hoping to find out on Monday about which antibody test they did at hospital but appointment put back a month so will push to find out now .My high cholesterol have had for ages and mum has it too .I have lost about 3 kg since October but in last month put on 1.5 kg which I put down to Christmas excess .being tested for diabetes today .thanks again I think you maybe right not sure

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Heloise in reply to Riley1969

Riley, high cholesterol is one signal for being hypo and there is a good reason for it.

"Cholesterol is a fatty substance essential to many metabolic processes. Your body needs cholesterol, but it can make its own – you don't need to consume cholesterol in your diet. It makes hormones like oestrogen, testosterone and adrenal hormones. ... produce bile acids, which help the body digest fat and absorb important nutrients."

The adrenal glands produce some of these hormones. If you are near menopause, you may need more cholesterol because of this.

"At the time of menopause, the adrenal glands should produce sufficient estrogen and progesterone to avoid unpleasant menopausal symptoms. However, in many women the adrenal glands are depleted. When the ovaries stop producing hormones, the adrenals do not produce enough to make up the difference and symptoms occur."

Their seems to be a connection between hypothyroid and diabetes.

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Heloise in reply to Riley1969

So you didn't think the carbimazole has anything to do with the weight gain? I think you should call your doctor and say how you are feeling. If you felt badly enough to ask advice here I think you know something is very wrong.

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