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Thank you to all you fighters.

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I have to thank you all as I feel too unwell to fight right now. I have been diagnosed with CFS, fibro, depression etc.but I think it is thyroid related. I can't get my GP to do the tests suggested on here. I askef for B12, he said he would but when I went for the test it was just for anaemia.

I am so grateful to you all.


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Please look on the bright side - at least you'll have had your iron and ferritin checked, which is two off the list.

Low iron can make you feel terrible so your GP doing the test is a good thing not a bad thing. Question him on the lack of a B12 test the next time you see him and once you get that done you'll only need your VitD and folates for the full set.

Moggie x

Thanks Moggie. Having a down day today!

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Moggie in reply to Whippetlover

We all get those - the art is to try and do something that you really enjoy. even if it is just a cuppa and a choccy biccy. Do something that makes you feel good, and I don't mean a two mile work or digging out a whole flower bed, just something simple and gentle like looking through an old photograph album or phoning a friend for a chat. In other words - be kind to yourself.

Stay strong.

Moggie x

I don't know if you've seen this article? Can't remember if it was posted here or somewhere else:

There are so many articles out there about the B12 connection to your diagnosed conditions, that really your doctor should do that B12 test - anaemia is not always present in a deficiency state. It's so annoying. Agree with Moggie though, at least you're getting somewhere, albeit slowly and painfully.

Take care, Hampster

Don't give up, at least it's a start. And agree with Moggie, be super-kind to your self

Jenni x

Whippet, have you tried B12 on your own? Since they refuse to test you, you may as well go ahead and take the methyl type that's taken under the tongue. They come in 1000 units but some who are trying to raise their level take the 5000. Little chance of overdosing with B12.

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kiltis in reply to Heloise

Yes. I really like Jarrow's lozenges. It's Methylcobalamin and come in 5000mcg.



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This is a very interesting link entitled

T3 and Chronic Fatigue

You cannot overdose if you take (methylcobalabin is the one and not cyanocobalamin) B12.


If you're going down the B12 sublingual route, you really need to have decent folate levels, and you also need to be careful with potassium levels (some websites recommend supplementing, I just eat lots of potassium rich foods).

I guess what I'm saying is you should really know your levels before you start supplementing. If you actually turn out to have autoimmune pernicious anaemia which requires life long replacement of B12, then you're never going to know this because as soon as you start supplementing your serum B12 levels will rise to normal levels.

I'm all for the supplements, I have B12 jabs but top up inbetween with a daily 5000mcg methyl sublingual, and there are lots of people who have gone down the self treatment road due to ignorant GPs, but I still think you need to know your base levels before you start supplementing (just my opinion).

If your doctor won't do it you could get the private testing done, Blue Horizon do Ferritin, Folate, B12 as one test:

Or the Active B12 test:

Another website possibly worth reading is the Phoenix Rising one, have you seen it? It gets really technical (way over my head) but has a self treatment plan here:

H x

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Whippetlover in reply to

Thanks for this the Blue Horizon tests look interesting but I'm not sure what they are saying about the cost as it appears to contradict. I could afford to pay a one off fee of £29.99 but not the seperate tests. Sorry for being so dim!

Christine x

in reply to Whippetlover

Not dim, legitimate question! I've not used them myself but it looks like an additional fee, doesn't it. Your GP should really do these tests, its so frustrating. Self supplementing actually isn't a cheap option either, which isn't often mentioned I feel. Reading back over your original question, your doc did actually agree to do the B12 test, but by the sounds of it just ran a Full Blood Count?

I would go back and thank him, but politely point out that you are aware of the following facts:

- Neuro symptoms of B12 and folate deficiency can be present in the absence of anaemia

- If haematological changes are present, they can be masked by a co-existing iron anaemia

In view of the above, and your symptoms, you would feel more comfortable if he ran tests for B12, folate and ferritin. Thank you very much :-)

Print off a copy of the Patient UK professional reference article, as he's more likely to respect that than random internet articles:

Some quotes from the article:

"Neurological involvement may be present even in the absence of anaemia."

"The MCV may be normal if there is associated iron deficiency."

"Associated iron deficiency may result in the MCV being normal, in which case two types or red blood cells may be seen (a dimorphic blood film).[16]

The ferritin level should be checked if such a picture is seen."

"Folic acid levels should be measured to exclude deficiency, which may co-exist with B12 deficiency."

I hope this helps, H x

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Whippetlover in reply to

Thanks for this. I will print off the info and ask him for all three tests.


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