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Private blood test- finger prick or venous better?

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When having a private blood test, which collection method is better? Finger prick or venous? Also are they reliable? Thank you 😊

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Morning & I hope it is sunny in Devon as it is with me 🙂

Both are as good as each other. As long as you hydrate yourself well the day before a finger prick test, you should be fine.

I hadn't realised this when I tried finger prick kit, my blood instantly congealed (this was months before I found this forum) & that was despite speaking with Blue Horizon for advice & more kits. I arranged for a nurse to come out in the end. At least I know what to do know 😊

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Sunnydevon in reply to Paula101

Thank you Paula,I think I will try the finger test first.

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Paula101 in reply to Sunnydevon

You're welcome 😊

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Also depends how far you have to travel to get private blood draw done, especially as you want to get tested as early as possible in morning and fasting.

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Paula101 in reply to SlowDragon

You are right SD, taking travel time into account is important. I must admit I'd arranged for the nurse to come to my home. Thank goodness I found this forum & have a better understanding of how to go about things.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Paula101

I move go to private hospital 20mins drive away to get blood drawn

Use to do finger prick test, but new lance design is not as good and now always struggle to get enough blood

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Paula101 in reply to SlowDragon

Thanks for that, I'd not realised the design had been changed. I'll get in touch with Blue Horizon & ask if they are thinking of changing it to a suitable design. I remember the ones used in hospital appeared to do a good job. Blue Horizon charged me £50 for a nurse to come out but I seem to remember it was 11am before she got to me. If I have nurse again I'll stipulate she has to be at mine about 8am. Thanks again SD 🙂

I have real trouble with finger prick test and ended up breaking the lancet and having to stab myself with a kitchen knife, but most people find them fine. So I always pay for a blood draw.

Hi AOTN, do you pay blood test company or find nurse yourself? All seems quite complicated.

Go to the Spire hospital arranged through BH. Not complicated at all. BH send a "passport" to you. You phone the hospital and arrange an appt to suit you. You turn up, hospital does bloods and sends them back to BH (and you get a free hot drink).

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Angel_of_the_North

Very similar with Medichecks. You choose where blood draw to take place, (quite wide list of places) pay £25, they send you test in post, plus paperwork to give to hospital.

Turn up at hospital on day and time of your choosing, hand paperwork to phlebotomist, get blood draw, drop test in post on way home

Oh thank you for that information! It’s all a bit confusing. I had treatment 13 years ago for graves and up until recently I’ve just gone by what gp says re blood results. Now I’m looking into everything more I’m getting confused with all the info and levels of everything.

I asked my doctor's surgery, the receptionist was a little indignant as to why I would need to get blood tested privately. So I said the doctor won't do the tests I need and when he does try, the lab overide and don't do it. She said she would ask. Phoned me back and said I would have to bring the kit in and they would see. Didnt know if they would charge. My wife did finger prick from medichecks in the end and that went ok.

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