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Are these results why I still feel a bit rubbish!?

Under medicated for 3 weeks, then over medicated for couple of days. Picked up blood results today. Is this why I can't get moving? Need to sort it quickly as back to work one day per week from next week.

Albumin 43 g/l (35-49)

Total calcium 2.27. mmo1/L

Corrected calcium 2.22. mmo1/L. (2.10-2.55)

FREE T3. 11.4. pmol/L. H (3.9-6.7)

FREE T4. 3.0. pmo/L. L (12-22)

TSH 1.70. mU/L. (0.27-4.2)

GP is hopefully phoning with advice from an Endocrinologist sometime soon.

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Hi Nicky, did you get the FT4 and FT3 results mixed up? The FT4 surely couldn't be that low! Or the FT3 that high. lol

Assuming you did get them muddled, yes, I should think you would feel bad with that low T3. It's below range. How could you feel good? The FT4 is below range, too. They should both be at the top of the range, that's where most people feel good. Looks like you need an increase in your levo.

Hugs, Grey


No, I just checked my printout, and the details above are correct. T3 high, T4 low. So unless the hospital have made a mistake? What do you make of it then?


My T4 was under the lowest mark and my T3 was at the highest, think its cos we were on T3. I dont understand much about this but am sure someone will explain better.


I'm relieved to hear that! Grey got me a bit worried! I have considered phoning surgery to see whether a mistake was made at the lab? The results certainly appear to be the wrong way around, lol.

Were you super tired, no energy when your results were similar?


This was my test results after being on 20mcg T3 for 1 month after RAI

TSH *0.14 (0.35-5.00)

Free T4 *<5 (9-21)

T3 2.5 (0.9-2,5)

I asked for T3 at the time forgot it was Free T3

I called my oncologist after this and asked if he wanted anything changing he said no. There was a note on the results saying assume patient on T3.

As I was told often, mind what you have gone thru. You are still going thru it. Its a tough time, I understand.

Shell x


Well, I'm sorry that I got you worried, but you didn't say you were on T3 only! You should always give your dosage when you give your lab results.

Well in that case, the TSH is too high. If you are on T3 only and your FT3 is that high, you would expect your TSH to be suppressed. So I don't know what's going on there. lol

Sorry I can't help more, Grey


That's ok Grey, I don't know either! I really don't understand any of it. Hey ho, I'll get there. :-\


My FT4 has got lower since taking T3, although not as low as that and I am taking T4 as well.

Hope you get some answers soon, it's so frustrating! :)


Thanks Denise, it's interesting to see how T3 obviously effects us differently :-)


please always remember , my recent lady was advised via our gp on advise from an 'ENDO'----who had NEVER actually examined her 'TO STOP ALL MEDICATION ' untill her next appt.[3weeks away] .......on researching advise from the good people on this site as well as others who suffer from thyroid problems [i also sought advise from our gp---who freely admits to not being a specialist in this field----that by doing so would have put her back in her treatment by a significant amount.......which , in my opinion could possibly mean that this 'ENDO' who we have seen [at a meeting including the pals manager and the clinical director of the hosp.]that he would be using her as a trial and error to see what happens-----but with no thought as to how this would affect the patient..........this may be why your results and wellbeing were haywire and unexplainable [ there is always an explanation].....please remember NONE OF US ARE GUINEA PIGS TO DRS OR SO CALLED SPECIALISTS THAT DO NOT KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DEALING WITH .......always question any change in meds if your not sure i.e. what are the likely effects or what could possibly happen etc or what are the benefits/pitfalls etc..........remember these people work for US and as i have found to my lady's cost as well as many many others on this site ther appears to be many 'ENDO'specialists that i personally would not employ to find one end of a broom from the other------even trigger new that one-----IF YOUR NOT SURE SEEK ADVICE AND NOT ALWAYS TRUST SOMEONE WHO MAY HAVE AN ULTERIOR MOTIVE !!!!!!!!


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