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Can someone understand my blood test as I don't no how to read them

Laboratory procedures -general Associated with autoimmume thyroid disease Associated with increased risk of other organ - specific autoimmume disease (e.g pernicious anaemia Addison Disease ) Thyriod peroxidase antibody level=309lu/ml high original result 309 iu / ml (0-49) ( T4 level=9.5 pmol/low ) biochemical test= Suggestive of thyroxine under-replacement provide the T4 does has not been alterd in the last 6 weeks (serum tsh level= 1486 mU/l high (0.35-55) Serum folate=4.3ug/l low ( Serum vitamin b12 = 370 ng/l what do all of this mean please

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It looks like you have some form of autoimmune thyroid disorder given your antibody level. Your T4 being low, and your TSH being very high, suggests hypothyroidism which needs treating with replacement thyroid hormones such as levothyroxine.

Your folate is low which needs rectifying by taking folic acid. When you take folic acid you should always take vitamin B12 too. As your B12 is at the lower end of normal this would be advisable anyway. You want to be taking at least 1000mcg B12 as a maintenance dose (best form of B12 is methylcobalamin). You may benefit from taking other B vitamins too, perhaps a B vitamin Complex.

I hope that helps clear it up a bit. You may want to have a good look around the main Thyroid UK website. Thyroid UK is the charity that runs this forum and they have provided some excellent information which can be found by clicking on the purple menu to the left of this page here

Take care

Carolyn x


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