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Hi there,

I've been diagnosed hypothyroid for a year now. I'm on erfa-ndt- and adrenal support. I saw a consultant last week as I am due an operation in three months. The consultant wanted me to have a thyroid test.

I just called for my results:

T4: 11.5- this has gone down slightly since initial diagnoses.

Tsh: 0.22. Was 6.5 on diagnoses. Remember there's t3 in the erfa.

Do these results tell me anything?



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  • Hi Simon,

    When you get your results you also have to ask for the ranges, as they differ from lab to lab. It makes it easier to comment.

    When you take a dessicated thyroid hormone, your T4 will be lower and your TSH looks fine. The question is 'how do you feel?" and that is what the doctors should ask. If you are 'fine' you are on an optimum dose, if you feel o.k. a small increase maybe due.

  • Well the range for the t4 is 11 to 24 I believe and the tsh is up to 4 or 5, I forget. My t4 is very low though!

    I feel I'll most of the time so..... I'm far from well shaws! Lol


  • Sporty.. when I was first diagnosed you were helping ME with mine.. so I would say, objectively, now that you don't understand yours.. you're definitely not fine...

  • Ha ha! I've never been sure about the blood result side of things! Dr p said not to go on those. I just wondered if my recent ones have any relivance

  • Hi Simon,

    You definitely need a Free T3 test for a proper evaluation.Usually Erfa or Armour, increases the T4 and Free T3 but lowers the TSH.I have to take Armour ( or Erfa ) and Free T3 , as I have a very low FT3 normally, that makes it just in range.

    Best wishes,


  • You take free t3? What's that then?

    I'm surprised my t4 is lower than when I started Jackie!!



  • Hi Si, When I first started treatment, years ago, there was no T3 available . Also I could not take thyroxine, tried various makes, 4 times. I also had very low Free T3. I went on to armour ( erfa if later if armour unobtainable ) and my FT3 was still lower than best for me. I always had TSH, t4 and Free T3 tested. When T3 became available I was able to reduce my armour to 2 and a half grains , and take 20mcg T3. FT3 just in range now and T4 top third as desirable. On the both together stable and thyroid fine. I know my consultant`s preference is start on thyroxine, if that not sufficient , after a Free T3 test then T3,starting dose ( like me ) is 20mcg., split into 2 doses about 12 hours apart. If that no good NDT ( armour or Erfa) I was also advised to split the armour because of the T3 content ( causes a high, in larger does) and I take that twice a day.

    I hope that gives you some ideas.

    best wishes,


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