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I am new in this forum! If anyone help me to interpreted my current results? I am 7 yrs on NT( thyroid) By Erfa 1 grain ( 60 mg)

TSH -0.21. Normal range (0.40-4.50miu/l)

FreeT4- 1.0 ( 0.8- 1.8ng/dl)

FreeT3- 2.8. ( 2.3-4.2 pg/l )

Ferritin- 155 ( 20 - 288 ng/l)

TBG- 22.6 (Thyroxine binding. ( 13.5- 30.9 mcg/m


Vit D3- ( D25OH, total). - 67 I am on Vit D3 5000 u a day.

I am trying to get natural bovine thyroid but don't know which one . I think that I am having allergies to porcine Med. Any advices velcome !!!

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  • You have room to increase your dose, would expect to see free t3 and free t4 at the top of their ranges.... What symptoms do you have which give rise to your thoughts about being allergic to porcine meds?

    Are you supplimenting iron? If not the ferritin might point to inflammation.

    How do you feel? 7 years is a long time if the 1 grain isnt making you feel better....

    G x

  • Thank you Galathea for respond. My ferritin ok ..I am not supplementing,

    I did try to increase to 1 1/2 grains for about 2 weeks ,just added 1/2 tablet.

    Unfortunately , got palpitations and weird burning heart pain. Usually I have low pulse rate, but during my experiment got tachycardia like pulse rate.

    Went back to 1 grain. Recently I developed strange burning tong syndrome

    And some skin disorder on my fingers :burning red spots, itchy, with cracked skin, my throat sour . Thats why I want to switch to bovine thyroid supliment . Any advice??? Thyrogold capsules only 300mg & 150mg. It's to high dose for me. In addition Thyrogold has Forskolin as additive this ingredient make increase fat deposition on liver. I am already being diagnosed having " Fatty liver" What do you think about Nutri-Med bovine

    Thyroid or Thyrak.?

  • you are under medicated, your labs are low. Do you have hashimotos? You need to find out because some with it can't tolerate NDT..i couldn't to hyper type symptoms, added to the hypo symptoms, like you. It will flare up your autoimmune symptoms..sounds so much like me!

  • Thank you for respond. No I don't have Hashimoto. On higher dose I feel sick.

  • you have been tested?

    I would consider not using ndt, maybe switch to t3 only.

  • Have you looked at WP Thyroid? It is hypoallergenic and only has four fillers -all natural in it. It might be the fillers that are causing the problem in your current meds.

  • Thank you . I will check WP Thyroid. What company producing This Meds ?

  • NutriMeds makes a bovine thyroid supplement. But it is a whole glandular and much, much weaker than your Erfa or any of the rx natural thyroid prescription meds. ThyroGold has good dosing instructions that I think can be used for dosing the bovine NutriMeds. It doesn't have the other additives like ThyroGold. The mg dosages of these whole glandulars cannot be considered the same as your Erfa dosage.

    You might consider going to an allergist and nail down just what you are allergic to. That is quite a reaction you are having. Have you had your B 12 levels checked? There is some other vitamin deficiency that can cause some of your symptoms but I don't recall which it is right off the top of my head. With your low dose of Erfa, I would be

    surprised if Erfa is the source of your problems. But... never say never, right?

  • Thank you! You are absolutely right. I suspect the same: allergies ,vit deficiency . 4-5 months ago I started supplement : IODINE PLUS. Possibly this is the source of my allergy . will make appt to Allergologist as soon as possible . Thank you for your respond.

  • Esya47. Iodine belongs to the same halide chemical 'family' as chlorine, bromine and fluorine. These other halides occupy the same receptors on your cells as iodine. Iodine will slowly start replacing these other halides and, if the iodine is displacing these halides (especially bromine/bromide) faster than the body can get rid of them, you will go thru something called detox. I don't know if this is what is happening to you but taking the companion nutrients of selenium (no more than 200 - 400 mcgs), celtic/Real salt, Vit C and magnesium helps the body to expel these toxins. Also, salt loading (1/2 tsp or so in a glass of water several times per day). It is always helpful to start off on small doses of iodine, backing off if detox symptoms appear, then increasing again.

    I don't think that is your problem tho, since it has been some time since you started the iodine. Just drop the iodine if you want to see if it has been causing you any concerns. You can also review any new things you have started taking in the last few weeks. Otherwise, a good allergist is your best bet.

  • Thank you for your detailed information .what is best detox procedure? Any advice ?

    I stopped taking Iodine,R alfalipoic acid, astragalus, Crill oil. Hopefully not for long time. Just want to determine which supplement giving the allergies.

  • Iodine detox is NOT something you really want to experience if you can help it. Just go slow with the iodine, taking the companion nutrients to facilitate expelling the other halides. Just be aware that it can happen and don't burden the body (the kidneys and liver) with taking too large a dose too quickly.

    For more info you can google/research bromide/bromine toxicity. Not pretty. I hope you can get to the bottom of your allergic reaction pretty soon so you can get back on your iodine. We all need iodine. As with all things , more is not necessarily or always better.

  • Thank you! I will check google!

  • I would definitely check out your B12 levels and do not accept normal as a result. B12 needs to be around a 1000 to prevent cognitive decline and over 500 to prevent neurological symptoms.

    Your VitD is very low - how long have you been on your present dose ? It is a fat soluble vitamin so needs to be taken with the main meal or some good fats. Low B12 and D can cause all sorts of symptoms.....

    Hope you soon feel better.....

  • Exactly what I was thinking. Sounds to me more like you are low on B12 rather than being allergic to porcine NDT.

  • Wow I didn't realise b12 was so important. I've recently had it pointed out to me on results that mine was low and although I did plan to supplement to follow advice, I didn't realise it was a big deal. I'm more in a rush to get some now...

  • b12deficiency.info/signs-an...

    Please take time to read the above link and watch the videos/films. B12 symptoms can often mimic Hypo ones. We have to educate ourselves about B12 as Docs know very little - sadly.

    If you want to supplement then Jarrow Methylcobalamin 5000mcg are good - keep under the tongue until they dissolve. Also take a GOOD B Complex to keep all the B's in balance.

    Do you have any gut issues ? After leaving the stomach - B12 molecules are metabolised in the Terminal Ileum - where the large bowel joins the small - so if you have any gut issues absorption and the next stage is impaired. Also stomach issues - like LOW acid can interfere with the breakdown of proteins and consequently obtaining the B12 molecules for the onward journey :-0

    You can also use a B12 spray that also goes under the tongue.

    I am not an expert - just someone who had the Terminal Ileum removed 42 years ago and was not told I would need B12 injections/treatment for life. I have learnt the importance of B12 the hard way. Now on weekly injections :-)

  • Yes, I have some gat issues, I was diagnosed : partial paresis of digestive system or stomach... I don't remember it was 6-7 yrs ago. Plus gastritis, history of deadenum ulcer . My gal bladder was removed also. Thank you for so detailed respond and advice. What web you use to buy your vitamins and what brand to buy vit B12 & B complex???

  • As I mentioned above - Jarrow Methylcobalamin is very popular with people here. I get mine from Amazon - Jarrow also do a B Complex. Your VitD dose is good so keep taking that too.

    You may wish to research Methylfolate v Folic Acid - some B Complexes contain one or the other. I use Thorne Research.

    VitD improves the uptake/absorption of Calcium so it is advised to take VitK2 to ensure the calcium gets to the right places..... bones and teeth.

  • Thank you for advice. I use and trust Jarrow Formulas. My vit D3 & R Alfa lipoid acid from this company. Now I am in process to find GP who order all tests including vitamins and minerals, antibodies .

  • Hope you find the right person to help you :-)

  • I am on vit D3 daily dose 5000u my results is normal just checked months ago. It's 48- 52 I usually check both types of vit D3. Need to increase vit B12 , it is around 450. What company you can refer to me to purchase vit B12?

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