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I think I might be toxic

Hi Can Anyone help, Had surgery to remove 3 Parathyroids and Part of Thyroid last Summer, after high Calcium levels and other Hypo symptoms worst Insomnia,Fatigue,anxiety,Brain fog. I still dont feel right and have Hypo symptoms as before except my sleeping is slightly better but still waking few times and difficulty getting back to sleep,I am still very fatigued, have major brain fog,Anxiety, and pulsating Thyroid.

I had Thyroid blood test 8th jan

FT4 19.6 ( 12-22)

tsh 0.06 (0.4-4.0)

Can anyone tell me what could be the possible cause of pulsating Thyroid and continued other symptoms? or has anyone had an similar experience?


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Hi Corinne, I have responded to you on our previous conversation here


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