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Do I need medication?

I have been feeling unwell for some time with various symptoms. I had a thyroid test and it cam back underactive - even though lots of symptoms are overactive. I have had a scan and other tests and have been diagnosed with hashimotos.

My results were: TSH 8.7

Free T4 11.1

Free T3 4.1

My endrocologist has decided to monitor me as he things I am swinging between hypo and hyper. My main symptoms are weight loss, anxiety, hair loss, sensitivity to hot or cold and mood swings. Generally feeling unwell. I think I should be on medication. Does anyone else have symptoms of both hypo and hyper?

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Many of our members do have hashimotos and that is the problem swinging between hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

I don't know why he hasn't prescribed levothyroxine for you? He should have done to try and keep your antibodies from attacking your thyroid gland. You will eventually become hypothyroid but I think you should be on some medication as your TSH is also high.

When you next get a blond test always get a print-out of the results with the ranges as labs differ and it makes it easier to comment. (the ranges are in brackets). For the thyroid gland you should not take your medication on the morning of your test but take it afterwards. If you take other supplements/medication they should be taken about 4 hours apart from levo. This is a link and some members said it has been helpful re hashimotos.

If you email for a copy of the Pulse article in it you will see the recommendation for treating someone who has antibodies and that is to have levo to bring your TSH level down, much lower than yours is at present which will be contributing to your symptoms.

We have to read and learn as much as possible if we want to get better.

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Thank you for replying I am new to all this so wanted a bit of advice. I think the dr thought as I was having more symptoms of hyper than hypo medication may make we feel worse so suggested to monitor my levels as he thinks it will eventually burn out. My main worry is the weight loss as the obvious symptom with underactive is weight gain.


Pedward, Hashimoto's makes you feel hyper and hypo at the same time but your bloods say you are hypothyroid and should be on Levothyroxine. My symptoms were so hyper, including massive weight loss, racing heart, palpitations etc., but results were within normal range, that my GP kept repeating tests until the lab declined to test further.

Hashimoto's will ultimately cause your thyroid to fail but Levothyroxine now will slow the progression of the disease and address many of your hypothyroid symptoms.

Read Dr. A. Toft's comments about 'nipping things in the bud' with respect to Levothyroxine treatment for Hashimoto's. If you want a copy of the article to show your endo email

A lot of members with autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) feel they benefit from a gluten-free diet which can reduce Hashi attacks on the thyroid and reduce antibodies as well as symptoms of bloating, gas, constipation and diarrhoea.


I have been tested for Celiac and it was negative I do however suffer from digestive problems. It's hard to know what to eat when you are trying to put weight on but also eat healthily. My Endobdoctor has now referred me back to my doctor so won't see him again unless I request it as he is a private dr. You said you had hypo symptoms were you eventually diagnosed with hashimotos?


People with thyroid antibodies (Hashimotos) often benefit from a gluten free diet. Many people find going gluten free help lower their antibody levels and improves bloating. I would give it a try and see what happens. People call it non-coeliac gluten sensitivity.

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