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Vit B12 and operation

I have finally got a date for my op to have lump removed from wrist. I have got to have general anaesthetic, and have been told I am morning surgery. I am worried because I have got to have my B12 injection, (which I have done every 3 months) 2 days before the op. I will speak to the hospital before, as I still haven't been told if I have to take my thyroxine as usual on the morning of the op. I take 150mcg, and I have Hashi's.

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A few thoughts:

Is there any possibility of switching to local or regional anaesthesia?

I'd be surprised if you should NOT take your levothyroxine but, absolutely, check. As also about the B12.

Hope it all goes well for you. And do let us know what they say - others could very well be interested.



No I have got to have a general. They made a big deal about my thyroid when I had my pre op checks, and then I couldn't believe they were trying to put me on an afternoon list for surgery. I told them I would feel ill from not eating, and probably wouldn't have been able to take my meds in the morning, and that would make me feel ill before and after the anaesthetic. Why don't people communicate with each other, or read your notes?


I would postpone your B12 injection for a couple of days. The anesthetists are used to dealing with people with hypothyroidism and I am sure it will be a quick op. and you'll be fine.


It is essential that you speak to your anaesthetist prior to your operation. The excellent book "Could it be B12?" by Sally M. Pacholok, Jeffrey J. Stuart says that Vit B12 is destroyed Nitrous Oxide which is often used in anaesthetics. If the anaesthetist knows about your B12 injections, it should be relatively easy to either remove the Nitrous Oxide or change the anaesthetic, I believe. I am not an anaesthetist so please discuss with your medical staff.

Just to put you at ease about talking to anaesthetists, my partner had her hip replaced recently. She told the anaesthetist that she was low in cortisol so he added some to the "mix". She felt much better when she came around.

It pays to talk.


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