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Two weeks ago I had a fna and scan where they found a 2.8 cm lump contained within one nodule. I was fast tracked to see consultant as fna was inconclusive. So today I've had the works cameras checking my throat, blood tests, ultrasound and another fna.

For background I has tsh level tested five months ago and it was 0.75 but they also diagnosed pernicious anemia. I'm on b12 jabs but having to use sublingual as well to keep brain fog at bay. Am still tired all the time and feel yuk.

Saw my consultant again at 1pm to get results and been told I have a 3cm thy 3 follicular nodule and that it is borderline as being cancer (anyone know the statistics or got any links I can shufty at?) He I think is suggesting partial thyroidectomy to remove the half containing the dodgy nodule (brain fog was kicking in as I tried to take in all the info). He was good and saw I was trying to take it all in and has arranged another appointment on 2nd Oct to go over the surgical plan and sign consent forms.

I suppose my question really is advice from those who've undergone similar ops, recovery times, affect on voice, or any good articles I can read up on before then.

Thanks for reading

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  • As my name suggests I've had a full.thyroidectomy and it really is a straightforward op.

    No real pain put very sore neck muscles and felt very bruised. Was driving within 2 days and back to work in 7. Absolutely no problems since.

    Hope this eases your concerns


  • thanks - did loads of research last night and understand it all a bit better now. Just gotta wait for my appointment to discuss the operation so starting to work out the questions i need answers to.

  • I have been recovering from a Right thyroid lobectomy for the past 5 days. I have been told it takes two weeks to recover for you to return to work. My nodule was 3.5cm long. they have sent it of for test but I have to wait 4 weeks for results. I am ok but sore. This is the best thing i have done.

  • Thanks greeneyes - just replied to your other post. It helps to make me feel more positive hearing others are ok. I think I am more worried about voice changes as I work in radio and give lots of workshops as a self employed person so any changes to my voice will really impact on my income (I am the main earner in our family and we have three kids) I know I am probably worrying needlesley - its all very new as only had the results yesterday so am in the angry, denial, scared stage lol Hope your healing well. xx

  • I had mine removed and couldn't be happier, 1st op was 30 years ago and didn't affect my voice at all . Rest were removed in june and I was hoarse for a while . When I sneezed it sounded I was having a seizure and when I yawned I sounded like a howler monkey..my family were in fits of laughter :o) All that now is normal ! Good luck and don't worry , I wouldn't want my thyroids back even if someone paid lol

  • lol that does paint an amusing picture and you've made me laugh well done :) I do think I am just in total freaked out mode, suppose that is normal really. It is very reassuring to hear from people who are fine. I've been feeling so ill since I had my smallest child (who is about to turn 6) just not felt right for all those years and progressively getting more and more tired and cant shift weight, in fact my appetite recently has gone through the roof, could happily eat 5 meals per day (depserately trying not to though lol!) Thanks x

  • I had a total thyroidectomy in February. I am fine now and if I remember correctly, it took about 2 weeks to recover. I was off work and not driving for 2 weeks. In those two weeks I had to rest and nap loads. After that I was still very tired and having to nap some days. Pain was controlled by paracetamol and nurofen. My voice was quiet for a month and I did have a sore throat for a few days post op. scar has healed to a thin line.

    Good luck with it all.

  • I just had the right side of my thyroid removed due to an 11mm nodule. I had it done on Friday, it was a bit sore to swallow yesterday, not inside my throat but outside if that makes sense. I feel better today, swallowing is a lot better just dont want to move my head too much! The op has had no effect on my voice. I'll get the results in 3 weeks time. I have a 6 month old so have no choice but to recover quickly, hope all goes well with you :D

  • thanks for your reply, how are you now? I was kinda thinking that about not wanting to move head around too much - good luck for your results too. and yeah I have three kids under 10, a business and a 28 hour a week job so recovery time is gonna have to be quick! (ha and I wonder why I am tired all the time!!! lol)

  • Hi, one week post op and I had my dressing taken off yesterday and I'm fully functional, throat is still tender to touch but I feel fine and can move as normal. I just didn't feel like lifting for 2 days but then I had no choice but to lift my daughter and I was ok! I get the results on 22nd oct! How are you getting on? Besides your very busy life, lol! X

  • Hi good to hear your recovering well. Will keep fimgers crossed for the 22nd.

    Had consultant appointment today and having op next Thursday am shocked at how quick its all happening. They are removing my whole right side and Isthmus and said depending on what they found in there they may remove fatty tissue and lymph nodes. This and the speed of it all is kinda making me kinda nervous. :(

  • Dont let the speed of them getting you in worry you, they wanted me in straight away but because I'm still breastfeeding and my baby won't take a bottle, and we were going on holiday they let me put it off a bit! I had the whole right side removed because of an 11mm nodule (if it was 9mm they wouldn't have even done an fna)! I am very nervous about the results although if it turns out to be cancerous I was told that the treatment may just involve removing the left side! I am just putting it to the back of my mind at the moment. Please try not to worry, the procedure/recovery itself is fairly easy to deal with, it's just the waiting, but we can't change that :(

  • sorry both - missed this - hope you're both doing well - I found bio-oil helped once scar had healed a bit. They make us wait too long for results. Take care both J x

  • Thanks :) I've got the bio oil on standby (still got 2 bottles left from when I was pregnant and it was on offer) just wondering how long I need to wait before I start using it? My wound is mostly healed, just a bit red on one side but I didn't have stitches on the outside, just steri strips! X

  • Thanks for'the reply saw my con's today having op next Thursday its all happening very quick so feeling a bit freaked today.

  • I'm glad I found this site. My surgery is due this Monday and I'm quite worried about it. It's good to know that the pain won't last for too long. I plan to take at least 2 weeks off work to recover fully. I normally don't sleep well after surgery so I'm guessing I will be tired more than anything. Great to hear about people's experiences, helps to reassure me :-)

  • neguson good luck on Monday hope it all goes well for you. Out of interest how long from them finding they needed to do the op to getting the date booked if you dont mind me asking. I am just a bit fed up of being in limbo land and feel like I cant plan anything till I know what is happening.

  • They would have got me in within the month but I was going on holiday and I'm still nursing my daughter so I wanted to delay as long as I could! X

  • Mammamaz I saw consultant surgeon 27/7/11 & was advised hemi-thyroidectomy would be in 3 months. I wasn't even put on the waiting list until October & surgery was on 7/12/11.

    Biopsied tumour was Hurthle Cell carcinoma so completion thyroid surgery was 7/3/12 followed by RAI ablation in May 2012 & follow up RAI whole body scan in Oct 2012.

  • Thanks for your well wishes Mammamaz. Op went well but in quite a bit of pain and haven't had much sleep. I was lucky having access to Bupa so it was all quite quick approx 2 months. Hope you get sorted soon.

  • Thanks - its very reassuring to read these posts. I see my ent cons on Wednesday so am preparing my questions and hopefully find out how quickly the will book me in.

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