Surgical operation and T3


My daughter is self treating with T3 and takes 100mcg. in one daily dose.

She is going to have a cosmetic procedure in two weeks time and has her pre op. appointment on Thursday. I am quite worried, as so far she has not told the consultant she is taking T3. I have stressed she must tell him she is taking it when she goes for her appointment on Thursday, but I have a feeling she will not as I think she thinks he may not do the op. as she is self treating.

She also takes a low dose aspirin for another condition which the consultant is aware of and he has told her to stop this now ready for the op.

Does anyone know if her dosage of T3 would have any effect on the procedure also does T3 have any effect on low dose aspirin.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Many thanks.

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  • She MUST tell them everything she is taking, including T3 and supplements.

    They can't take responsibility for anything that results from her failure to tell them. She really must not take that risk. She could regret it.

    I hope you can persuade her.

  • Many thanks Anthea55,

    I totally agree with you.

    I said I wanted to go with her on Thursday so I could be sure she told the consultant she was taking T3 but she said I could not go with her as she wants me to pick the Grandchildren up from school as she would not be back in time and she would tell him herself.

    We have already had a massive argument about her wanting this procedure anyway and I am so worried it about.

  • Many years ago (long before my thyroid problems) I forgot to tell the dentist I had been put onto a new medication, until he was injecting me and I started feeling weird - he stopped in time - but I realised that medication wasn't for me and managed to wean myself off it.

    More recently I was having a tooth filled by the dentist. I had told him exactly what I was taking and queried whether I needed an injection. He gave me the injection and I became very jittery and had to stay at the surgery until I'd got over it enough to drive home.

    Look at this post

    You can also search this site using the search box top right.

    If you really can't get through to your daughter, can you ring the hospital yourself? Not much more you can do.

    Best wishes

  • Thank you,

    She has said this morning she will tell the consultant and I am insisting on going with her to the appt.

    Re dental injections, I had the same reaction as you the last time I was injected. I am also hypothyroid. I had never had the reaction before and had was not on any new meds. I have since told the dentist I have to have injections without adrenaline in it as this is what causes the reaction in hypo. people.

    Best wishes.

  • My mum self treats as her doctor is a bit dim. When she went into hospital for surgery on her aortic aneurism i read that the stuff they give you to thin your blood. (Anticoagulant) after the op can be affected by thyroid hormones so it works a bit too well.

    Mum didnt want to tell them she was self treating, so she stopped her meds for a while. She was very poorly and recovery was slow. She was much better once she started taking her thyroid meds again after she had stopped taking the Anticoagulant.

    If your daughter is having anything where she will need blood thinners, then she really does have to be very careful. Its obviously best to own up, but if she doesnt want to, then find out exactly what medications she will be given and check them out, along with their interactions.

    If you do a search for anticoagulants and thyroid, it may scare your daughter into owning up, or not having the op....


  • Where does your mum buy her t3?

  • Mum is on ndt from thailand. Contains t4 and t3.

  • Thank you,

    I have insisted this morning I go with her the appt. so I can be sure she tells the consultant she is taking T3.

    I will the do a search about anti coagulants and thyroid.

    I hope your Mum has now made a full recovery.

    Thank you again for your advice.

  • T3 works its way out of your bloodstream within 2-3 days. Could your daughter just stop taking it 2-3 days before the op? Then she can start again as soon as she gets home. Then she shouldn't upset the doctors. It's not like T4 which would have to be stopped a week or two before to get out of her system.

  • Lucylocks,

    Thyroid function test is likely to be part of the pre-op check and if your daughter's TSH is suppressed and FT3 over range the anaesthetist may suspect hyperthyroidism and may want to delay the operation.

  • Thank you Clutter,

    I have insisted this morning on going to the appt. with her and I will ask them to do the Thyroid function test. If they suspect hyper. then hopefully they will advice on the best way forward.

  • General anaesthetic is a serious and risky business and no information should ever be withheld from the anaesthetist. In your shoes I think I would consider making a call myself if that's the only way for the information to get through to the anaesthetist.

  • Thank you Josiesmum,

    I did actually think of making a call like you have suggested, but I have insisted this morning on going with her to the appt.

    Like you say it is a serious business.

  • With self-treating, I think this is the main downside - you will always get hassle from other clinicians when you need another procedure or treatment :(

  • Thank you for your reply,

    I totally agree, there will always be problems when self treating.

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