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Blood test results

I am off work unwell, feeling very lethargic, brain fog, tearful, sleeping lots, constipated, pain in leg, hip and lower back, very low concentration etc. etc.

I am currently taking 150mcg of Levothyroxine and have just received the following results. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

B12 368 pg/mL (145-900)

Serum folate 7.5 ng/mL (3.0-16.0)

Serum ferritin 55.8 ng/mL (14.0-200.0)

Serum TSH 0.03 mu/L (0.34-5.6)

Serum free T4 13.7 pmol/L (7.8-17.0)

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Right - so all your tests are in range but you feel rubbish. I had this. Turned out the symptoms mimicked hypothyroid symptoms but were actually adrenal fatigue.

Check this ref out for a bit of an explanation - This may not be you but it's worth some thought. GPs don't like to look at this so a functional medic may be the way to go. You are, under the NHS, entitled to a referral to an endo if you're still symptomatic on that dose of thyroxine (which I think is pretty high for you to feel that rubbish). Useful to know your T3, reverse T3, cortisol levels. Note - cortisol must be measured throughout the day 8am - midnight to get proper picture of adrenal function. Hope this helps.

I really feel for you. I lost 10 years with my kids on 100-150mcg thyroxine with all those symptoms (and 2 crap GPs who refused to refer). Eventually I got so angry I took matters into my own hands - 3 weeks later I'm human again so it IS possible. But it IS hard when you feel barely alive. Love and luck. Kx


Hi K

Many thanks for your reply. I have been looking into this myself and think you are probably right. Can you tell me what you did to help yourself? Debs x


Hi there.

your GP will tell you there is 'nothing wrong' with your b12 levels but to be honest with those symptoms you have and that result I think you may well be B12 'deficient' see here:

also your ferritin is not 'optimal' (optimal is different from 'normal'), optimal levels would be at least 70, a gentle iron supplement may be enough for you like floradix or spatone.

have you had your vitamin D checked? this also can give horrible symptoms resembling hypo



Hi thanks for your reply, no I haven't had my Vitamin D checked, will ask for that xx


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