Can anybody recommend brand of transdermal iron supplement please?


I have tried few different form of iron supplements including spatone. Unfortunately whatever I take causes strong GI upset. I need iron as I am quite low( my ferritin is 24ug/l, which is at the bottom of range 10-400). I am thinking about iron cream but I don't know which brand to chose? Which brand is safe? I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you.

E xx

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  • I was only asking because I am very sick and I do not know where to turn.

  • Edysia, I have never heard of a transdermal iron supplement. Many years ago when I was pregnant, I needed iron but couldn't take the supplements due to gastric problems. I was given regular iron injections, which worked fine for me.

    Maybe someone else will know more than I do :)

  • Thank you RedApple. I have to figure out how to get iron injections from doctor. I am worried because I read on NHS sites that they can have serious side effects.

    Dr M does all sorts of transdermal supplements in the form of spray but I am not sure if this is the right place to get it from.


    You could perhaps try the B12 patches and see if it helps to bring up your iron that way? You can get them on amazon.

  • Hi Fennel.

    Thank you for reply. I am already supplementing B12 with successful raise of the level from 175 to 451. So I do not think that B12 is the problems. I know that my poor diet contributes to low iron but unfortunately I am not able to tolerate certain foods ( including these rich in iron because of my GI problems)

    Thank you for the suggestion. I might use patches in the future ( 1 less tablet to swallow).


  • 451 is still low, you should aim at the top of the scale, which is 900 I believe, but I am at 1,000 which is the Japanese normal !

  • I am still taking it 1000mcg of B12, also b complex:)

  • You can get an oral iron spray from the US. I ordered some a few weeks ago. From a company called Vitamist. They also do other oral sprays like multi-vitamins etc. i don't know why it's so hard to find alternatives to tablets, especially iron when so many people have trouble with it. Maybe cos it's mainly women who need it...

    When I was having difficulty tolerating iron, I was told to eat liver 3 times a week. Jacket potatoes, apricots, lentils, red meat, cockles and almonds all have higher levels of iron too.


    You could try this, but I have to say I am in exactly the same position as you and I found this product totally ineffective at anything other than turning my bathroom orange!

    I am now taking this and will be tested in a couple of weeks. It isn't causing me any GI issues, unlike Cytoplan's other iron product, but I have previously found that anything that doesn't give me problems, doesn't work.

    I have to say I have found the NHS totally unable to help with this very common issue.


  • Hi Edysia

    Sorry that you are feeling so bad,I just thought that I would say that I'm in the same position as you! my iron is 24 with the same range,the Lab put on my test results that they suggested supplementing iron + B12 both the Endo and GP refused !! so I'm doing it myself with Solgar Gentle Iron 20mg I know that isn't that strong but I have been taking them now for two weeks and I'm managing well with them, no consipation (thank goodness!) but I did ask the GP if she would give me a blood test in 3 months time. So I hope this helps, I'm hoping that it will make me less tired and stop my legs from hurting so much!! happy days eh!! Hope you soon feel better.

    Regards wakeham.

  • Thank you Wakeham:) I might try Solgar, hope it wont give me GI upset. Do you have stomach problems too?

  • Hi Edysia,

    My problem seems to be re-flux, and constipation that is why I went for what they call easy iron.Hope you feel well soon.

    Regards wakeham.

  • Hi what was your iron retest value....if you dont mind me asking?

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