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Please recommend an iron supplement - thanks

I'm having my ferritin tested next week and it looks as if I will be ferritin deficient again. I've got a prescription for ferrous fumarate, but I'm happy to pay for something easier to take and more effective.

The last time I had this issue, it took me five years to get my ferritin up from16 to 102 in a range 15 - 150. In that time I tried:

Floradix - ineffective - level stayed the same

Spatone - ineffective - on two sachets a day my levels actually went down!!

Ferrous sulphate - I started on one tablet a day and immediately had such severe GI issues that the twenty minute walk to work became the worst kind of lottery!

Ferrous fumarate - I never got past one tablet a day and the GI issues flared intermittently meaning I'd have to stop them and wait for things to settle down again

Ferrous bisglycinate - this caused moderate to severe GI issues

Cytoplan Wholefood Iron - this started off OK, but then I had the GI issues


I have spoken to the Head Pharmacist at my local Boots and he says there is nothing else on offer. I know I'm not the only person with this problem. What do you take?


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Ansteynomad, have a look at this


Thanks. I've ordered one. Shipping is 4-6 weeks, so by the time it arrives I will have forgotten about it and it will be a nice surprise!

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I have the same GI issues with most forms of iron. I now take Proferrin, which is a heme iron supplement. No side effects for me, and is supposed to be much more easily absorbed as it's the same form of iron found in meat. I have to get it from the US though and it's pretty expensive.


Acc1, look at the Cambodian iron fish link above.


Thanks, I'd seen this a while ago on BBC news. Think I might order one and give it a go.


Hi, I know exactly how you feel. I've tried every possible iron prep too and my tummy aches and the nausea were so bad, I stopped taking anything.

In the end my iron and ferritin levels were so low, and I felt terrible. Anyway 4 weeks ago I went to the hospital and had an iron infusion. It only took 30 mins and was painless and easy. The iron is adsorbed over a period of about 6 weeks, and even after 3 days my restless legs were relaxed and I was able to sleep, for the first time in months. Omg. The relief! I'm seeing the results week on week, and after 9 months of feeling unwell, I'm on the mend. Ask your Dr if you are suitable for one. My Hb was 7.9 and ferritin 4. The nurse told me the infusion cost about 950 pounds, but worth every penny to me! Good luck wendy


They are a miracle answer to the problem. I doubt I need one now, but when I did, back in 2010, I was referred by my endo to a haematologist who told me my blood had always been as good as his and that all my problems were caused by work-related stress! That's probably the main reason why it took so long to raise my levels! My Hb is currently 126.


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