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Which brand of Levothyroxine?


Does anyone have any opinions or suggestions on which manufacturer/ brand of Levothyroxine it is preferable to take out of: Teva, Wockhardt, Actavis or Mercury Pharma? I know they are supposed to be the same! However, everyone says it is best to stick with one brand! I keep being swapped about and I am thinking of requesting one brand only. Is this a good idea? Thank you :)

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Definitely a good idea to stick to one make only.

Which one? Well each and every one of those has some people that are happy, others that hate it.

Your problem with Wockhardt is that they only produce 25 microgram tablets.

Which have you felt OK on?

How much do you take? As Helvella mentioned taking several pills might be a pain. I tried a combined T3/T4 pill but non prescription which worked fine as I split my doses when I used to long haul travel for work. But I use the same manufacturer. Luckily it was the one that suited me after 3 month trial of two others. Mercury Pharma is a nightmare. Treva didn't agree with me. UniPharma - I swear by.

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I don't understand why the manufacturer makes a difference as surely the pills are all the same no matter who makes it.

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Different manufacturers use different fillers. I should use a brand that's lactose free. But the brand that does does not agree with me. Another brand suits me fine and the first ingredient is listed as lactose 🤷🏾‍♀️

Mercury pharma for me. And i can manage wockhardt 25's. I avoid Teva due to all the negativity and bad experiences from other posters here!

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I was given Teva the other day and had to take them back. They could only replace 2 out 3 due to stock shortage of Mercury 100 mcg. My 25mcg is Wockhardt.

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